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Guide to Buying a Rug

A rug can add warmth, style and interest to a room, helping to reduce wear on the floor while adding another dimension to your interior. They come in various styles and materials, not to mention shapes! Choosing the right rug will come down to practicality and budget, considering your interior decor. From discrete hallway rugs to luxurious woollen piles, there’s something to suit every home.

Size & Shape

Large Rectangular or Square

These make great feature rugs that take up the centre of a room. They are most likely to be found in living and dining rooms and usually fit underneath furniture with some overlap.

Medium Rectangular or Square

These are the ideal shapes for hallways and entranceways, making runners protect your floor from wear and tear. This size rug is also great for filling up a section of empty floor space, such as in the centre of a living room or in front of a fireplace.


Round rugs make great central features underneath coffee tables and in the centre of rooms. They add depth to angular rooms in more modern houses.

Nautical Theme Rug Design

Rug Material

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are attractive and durable, withstanding dirt and staining. They usually have a thick pile and are lovely and soft underfoot. Great insulators, they trap heat and help keep your home warm. Wool rugs are also eco-friendly, as they are biodegradable and come from a renewable source.

Jute Rugs

These rugs are very hard wearing and are excellent in areas with high foot traffic. They provide a casual, rustic look to your home, although they are coarser than natural and synthetic fibre rugs.

Cotton Rugs

Cotton rugs tend to be woven into beautiful, eye-catching patterns that liven up your space. Like wool, cotton is a natural material, ideal for rural and Scandi styles. However, cotton tends to be less durable and often can't be wiped clean, making it less suitable for kitchens or dining areas.

Synthetic Rugs

These mimic natural fibres such as wool, providing a more affordable alternative. They are highly durable and can be found in almost any design. They are popular for many homeowners but can be more prone to staining than natural materials.

rug PIS

Rug Patterns

Traditional Rugs

These oriental and Persian designs feature intricate patterns in earthy tones and neutral colours. Natural rugs in traditional patterns are often an investment and heirloom pieces designed to last for a lifetime. They are usually a low, thick pile.

Contemporary Rugs

Rugs with a modern design often feature bold patterns in bright colours, with various textures and weaves. They usually feature geometric and oversized prints.

Floral Rugs

Classic in design, floral prints can come in various styles and colours to bring a vibrant, fresh feel to your space.

Plain Rugs

Offering a world of choice in texture and colour, plain rugs are timeless and can work in any home decor.


Now that you have a better idea of the type of textile you're after, browse our selection of sumptuous rugs and mats to add some lush, lavish, or laid-back texture to your home.

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