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Coffee Cup on Wooden Board

Your Guide to Choosing a Coffee Table

Coffee tables are both practical and stylish additions to your living room. Providing a space for drinks, remote controls and magazines, they also break up dead space in the centre of the room and can add an attractive focal point. They come in various sizes and styles to suit every home and budget. If you’re having trouble deciding which one is right for you, read through our guide to give you some ideas.

What will you use it for?

Think about what you’ll be using the coffee table for. Will it be used to keep your remote controls, books and magazines? Will it be a handy place to keep drinks, or will it be simply decorative? Coffee tables make understated storage options if you’re short on space, with many like this Toyen Coffee Table One Drawer One Shelf are designed with handy shelving or drawers. Unsealed wood is best avoided if the table will see lots of food and drink, as this will stain easily and be difficult to clean. If your coffee table is purely decorative, you can get creative with beautiful statement pieces.

Stylish Coffee Table and Chair

How big does it need to be?

The size of your living room and the available space will play a big role in what kind of coffee table you can get away with. Trunk-style tables provide lots of surface space but can be bulky and dominate a room. Tables like this Brooklyn Coffee Table that feature glass tops are more subtle, less obstructive options, meaning you can get away with a larger size. Exposed legs on your coffee tables will help any natural light flow easily through the room, making these a good solution for living rooms with less space. Make sure you measure the space where you want the coffee table to sit, and if you need people to move freely around it, a gap of at least 2ft is recommended.

Will it fit in with your decor?

This will be as important as the functionality, and thankfully, there is so much choice that you’ll be certain you will find something that fits your home perfectly. Chunky wood that shows natural graining looks beautiful in traditional houses and adds a rustic touch to your decor. For the more contemporary home, glass and chrome tables offer a sleek and modern design to complement your room. You can always opt for a unique statement piece that turns the humble coffee table into a feature of your home. 

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