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Extending Dining Table Set

Guide to Buying a Dining Table

A dining table is an essential piece of furniture for your home, whether in the corner of the living room, the focal point of the kitchen or in a statement dining room. The dining table isn’t only used for eating in our busy lives; it’s for homework, games night and catching up with friends over coffee and cake. You’ll need to check its size and shape before deciding on its material. Plus, it should be sturdy enough to last and stylish enough to impress! Here’s our handy guide on choosing the best dining table for you, your house, your family and your budget.


Modern Dining Room Table Chair


Remember, it’s not just the table you need to fit in your room; there will also be chairs. If space is limited, benches that fit under the table mean there’s room to move when you’re not eating. The industrial look is very popular with the trestle & bench style of dining table. Buying a table with folded leaves or extendable sections allows for more space on special occasions when your guests' numbers rise.


Right now, the on-trend dining table is the wooden farmhouse table, where you don’t mind a bit of wear and tear because becoming a little weathered is part of the style. Keep an eye on where legs are on tables if you need to squeeze a few more guests around it – some people may end up straddling a leg! A pedestal table means this will never happen, and tapered and quirky legs give added style. Many designs come in various shapes to suit your room. For example, our Corona dining tables are coolly minimalist and come in square and rectangular shapes.

Round tables are suitable for packing in extra guests and don’t have sharp corners.


Hardwood will last the longest and should be considered an investment because it is relatively expensive. Don’t disregard glass because it is so versatile. Its reflective surface gives the impression of more space, and it’s all tempered to resist heat and scratches. Glass, however, will not resist sticky fingers, and you might not want a glass-topped table before the kids grow up. Lighter-coloured materials will give the impression of space, too.

guide to buying a dining table

Dining Chairs

Padded and upholstered chairs take up more space but make more of a statement for your dining style. The classic country kitchen chairs are great for messy eaters (we mean children – we hope) and can be upcycled with a stylish cushion. Try the eclectic look with mismatched chairs and a table in statement colours for a thoroughly modern kitchen.

Now that you’ve sorted the hardware, it’s time to accessorise for your dinner party. Whether for a birthday, celebratory gathering or Christmas get-together, our desirable dining collections are sure to inspire creativity.

Dining Table Sets

If space is tight, you might want to buy a dining set, as many of these are designed to fold away (yes, even the chairs) into a neat sideboard that can be stored out of the way between mealtimes. Our Helsinki Folding Table is a perfect example of this. Other table sets have bundled deals on tables, and chairs are an excellent choice for tight budgets.

Fitting The Family In For Christmas

A wonderful way to help bring friends, family members, and guests together this festive season, our sensational selection of dining collections, extending tables, sideboards, and chairs are sure to help everyone tuck-in. With designs that match any existing home decor, our impressive dining room essentials are guaranteed to help spread cheer, dish out style, and, most importantly, bring a sprinkling of festive charm to any home environment.

Are you looking to decorate your table with all the Christmas trimmings? If so, why not accentuate your table with our desirable selection of Christmas Dining essentials? From serveware to table decor, crockery to cookware, here at The Range we're dedicated to helping ensure your home shines brightly this festive season.

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