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A Simple Guide to Scandi Furniture

Inspired by the fashions of the Nordic countries, Scandi style is becoming ever more popular. Minimalism and simplicity are the core components of this attractive interior theme, focusing on functionality with an inviting and stylish aesthetic. Transforming your space to reflect this back-to-basics and on-trend look will create an air of calm and clean spaciousness.


Natural materials are combined with light textiles to create simplistic, yet sturdy and comfortable, structures that work with - rather than dominate - your room. Sofas and chairs with exposed wooden legs create a feeling of openness and beautifully blend with light textiles of cool grey and white. The clean lines and simplistic button detailing of Scandi-inspired chairs are easily accented with bursts of colour such as vivid ochre or more subtle pastel hues, helping to tie your theme together.


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Fitting for a function-first home, Nordic side tables are minimal and sturdy – often made from wood or metal. Decorated with patterns and colours that emanate elegant simplicity, these side tables offer convenient and manoeuvrable surfaces in your home.

Coffee tables with a clean, refined aesthetic and no-fuss approach to design help to bring your living space together. Some feature nooks and drawers for storage but tend to encourage the minimalist aspect of this style with a simple raised surface on exposed wooden legs, complementing those on your seats.



Continue the white and wood trend with a matching dining table or go even simpler with an all-white option. Add a change of texture to your dining space with a glass-topped table on rustic wooden legs, combining natural elements to create an epitome of Scandi style.

Your chairs offer an opportunity to splash some colour into your dining experience. Mix-and match pastel tones or, if you like to fully-coordinate your furnishings, get a set in a matching hue to liven up the look.

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The bed is the focal point of any bedroom so to set the style in this room, you need to pick the perfect one. Elaborate, glamorous, and ornate headboards are a poor choice if you want to keep the theme consistent. Instead, opt for solid wooden slats and natural or plain white and grey finishes. Get the basics of a strong and sturdy bed and then accent it with attractive bedding sets, scatter cushions, and other complementing décor.

For a touch of minimalist multifunctional living, you could even choose a comfy and convenient sofa bed to transform your living space into a bedroom.

Home Comforts

With all these block colours and patternless designs, it's important that you bring your unique style into the mix by displaying your treasured trinkets and sentimental items. Open units like ladder shelves allow you to show off your belongings and make each room feel more like home, while also sticking to the un-cluttered look that you've set.


Cube storage units are also handy for creating a mixture of display space and hidden storage using decorative boxes that fit the theme such as geometric patterns and block colours.

Finally, you can bring a bit more comfort into your living space with softer home furnishings such as footstools and pouffes. Faux fur blends beautifully with the rustic wood aspect of the Scandinavian style and thick wool knits add much-needed texture and depth to your room.


Shop our themed items and NU Living collection to browse an array of Scandi-inspired furnishings.

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