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How to Make Your Home Look Bigger

Any property can feel dark and claustrophobic if it's decorated the wrong way. Clutter builds up and belongings begin to take over, eating into your precious space and preventing the light from reaching all areas. Here are a few things you can do to get the spacious and airy feel of a mansion without moving home.

Light Colours

Dark colours absorb light, and bright colours reflect it. Remember when choosing what shade to decorate your walls and which carpet or hard flooring to lay down. White and neutral colours will instantly expand your room while helping to highlight your stylish décor.


Move your furniture away from the wall – even if it’s just by a few inches - to create an illusion of space and fight at the cramped feel. You’ll be surprised at how much just pulling your sofa forward can change the feel of your room.


When choosing furniture, go for units and seating with exposed legs rather than box designs. It gives the room a more relaxed look, and, if you’re a believer of Feng Shui, it allows the good chi to flow more easily.

Scandi Furniture Living Space


Declutter your room to reclaim surfaces and floor space. Sort your belongings and take any items that you no longer need/want to the charity shop. Organise what's left in a neat and tidy fashion, using smart storage like ottomans and coffee tables.

Install shelves high up your walls to lift clutter off the floor and create the illusion of a taller ceiling.


Natural Light

Leave windows uncovered or use sleek blinds and sheer voiles. Many unnecessary ruffles and layers will eat your space and diminish the light. If you can't go without your thick, heavy curtains, invest in some tie-backs to make the most of the light during the day.

Strategically place mirrors around your home near dark corners or hallways. They'll reflect the natural light from your open windows and help to create a brighter, airy feel. They can also be used to accent your style with their decorative modern, rustic, or ornate frames.

make your home appear bigger

Bold Décor

Make an impact with a few large decorative items, such as vases and potted plants or statement artwork, rather than many smaller items. Having lots of trinkets and knick-knacks scattered about your room will make it feel crowded and chaotic.

Use your décor as an opportunity to inject colour back into the room, easily standing out against its neutral walls and floors. During the revamp, your space may have lost some of your unique character, so ensure you bring it back with a few items that reflect your style. Don't be afraid to experiment with bold pieces and create new focal points.

For more inspiration and ideas on how to make the most of your space, read our other home styling articles and browse our wide collection of furniture and furnishings.

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