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Guide to Buying Mirrors

From functional pieces to purely decorative designs, mirrors enhance your home in many ways. By reflecting light, they help rooms to appear brighter and more spacious, and can be wonderful pieces of wall art in themselves. Here’s a little guide to help you choose one that’s perfect for you and your home.

Types of Mirror

Wall Mirrors

These are the most popular type of mirror, attaching to the wall with hooks or string. These can be small and compact or oversized statement pieces, needing only an empty wall space to hang them on.

Floor Mirrors

These are often full length mirrors that sit on either a stand or a swivel base, as well as large mirrors that can be leant againt the wall. They are perfect for hallways and bedrooms where you want to view your whole outfit, and are practical options if you’re unable to hang mirrors on your wall due to water pipes etc.

Dressing Table

These mirrors are designed to be placed on dressing tables. They can be on a swivel base, allowing you to tilt the mirror up and down. Book-style options are available too, with three mirrors giving you multiple views when you’re getting ready. They are often square or oval shaped for a flattering portrait.

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Placement of Mirror

Mirrors have the ability to create space and light in a room where previously there was none. Hallways and bedrooms are good spots for full length mirrors or over-the-door mirrors, allowing you to check your outfit before leaving the house. Large mirrors are also good additions to narrow hallways, as they help bounce light down down the length of the room. Living rooms and bedrooms are usually the largest rooms of the house, making them the perfect place for striking statement mirrors. Small and compact mirrors work well in bathrooms, where they can be placed above sinks or integrated into cabinet storage.  

Mirror Shapes


Square or rectangular mirrors are versatile options that will fit in with most decor schemes. They are easy to style, and can be found from the ultra modern to the firmly traditional.


Rounded mirrors help break up flat walls and add an understated elegance to your home. Oval mirrors can give an attractive vintage feel to your decor.

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Unique designs make for statement mirrors that are pieces of wall art. There’s no end of striking designs that you can find, from sunbursts and star shapes to geometric styles.

Mirror Frames


Wooden frames add a warm and natural touch, and don’t just have to be traditional. From modern and sleek veneers to elegant real wood options, wooden frames are a classic that will stand the test of time.


Without a dark frame to absorb light, these mirrors are bright and airy, reflecting even more light than just the mirror's surface. They are elegant and stylish additions to your home.


Plastic and resin frames are incredibly popular, being both versatile and great value for money. They can be sleek and contemporary, or ornate and vintage inspired in design. They are lighter than wood and glass options, making them easier to hang up in your home.

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