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How to Add Rugs to Your Home

Rugs quickly and easily transform your space, adding warmth to hard floors and finishing off the style of your rooms. They are practical, decorative, and can turn a house into a home. Even though rugs are versatile, placing them in some regions of the home will make the most of your floor space and perfectly compliment the layout of your room.


The hallway is the first thing people see when they enter your home, and placing a rug here is a great way to create a welcoming feel. It will probably receive more wear and tear here than anywhere else in your home, so it must be durable and long lasting. Low pile rugs are ideal, as dirt can be easily seen, and they’re easier to clean than shaggy, high pile rugs. Bold patterns and dark colours are more practical for this part of the home, but a light rug will help brighten the hall and create a feeling of space. Long, runner-style rugs work best in narrow, rectangular hallways, whereas circular rugs add depth to larger, square hallways.

Living Room

Placing a rug in your living room gives you plenty of options, and much of your decision will involve the size, shape and layout of your room. Rugs here can be highly decorative and create a focal point wherever you place them. Traditional options include in front of a fireplace or underneath a central coffee table. If you have an open plan living room, consider buying large rugs to fit underneath your large furniture (sofas, side tables etc.) Rugs act as subtle room dividers and can prevent your furniture from looking as though it’s sitting in an empty space.


Rugs are incredible in kitchens, especially during the winter months. They take the edge off cold tiles, also providing a soft flooring for your feet when cooking or washing up. Square rugs work best in kitchens, as they can be lined up to lie parallel with your units and worktops. Suppose you don’t have much space, place rugs in front of the sink or in front of the cooker, as this is where you’ll spend the most time. If your kitchen allows, large rugs in the centre of the room make the kitchen cosier and more intimate by breaking up areas of empty floor space. Much like the hall, you will want rugs in the kitchen that are easy to clean.


Decorative, plush and soft rugs are ideal for bedrooms, where they help to create a comfortable and intimate space. Placing small rugs on either side of the bed means you have cosy feet as soon as you get out of bed - we love high pile, shaggy rugs that eat up your toes! You can also place a rug at the end of the bed to create a focal point and break up any dead space in the centre of the room.


Ensure there are no spills or breakages from slipping rugs by using an underlay on laminate or wooden floors. Also, rugs on carpets tend to “walk” and may need adjusting regularly!

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