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Creating the Country Cottage Look

Many of us dream of a house in the country, waking up to birdsong and spending cosy evenings next to the log fire. Country cottages evoke feelings of nostalgia, of days gone by when we weren’t distracted by emails or phones, and life passed by a little slower. Whether you are lucky enough to be living in your own country cottage or not, these decorating tips will help you make the most of your home by enhancing its charming character and traditional feel or help create that feel.


The furniture in your home should be natural, chunky wood. Pine and oak are great options as they show a beautiful natural grain that works particularly well with this look. Country cottages are rustic and authentic, and the furniture should reflect this, with a practical feel rather than anything glamorous or highly finished. Look for secondhand or vintage tables that are pre-loved and come with signs of wear and tear, or get creative and distress your own pieces of furniture to replicate the look.

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Paint & Wallpaper

The appeal of country cottages is their warm and inviting atmosphere, so paint your walls with soft and muted colours such as creams and pastel blues and yellows. Don’t feel the need to fill in every chip or small hole in your walls, as the country look doesn’t call for a highly polished finish. If you use wallpaper, head for delicate patterns and avoid anything too bold and brash, as you want the room to feel light, open and timeless.


Style your country cottage with items that look as though they have been loved and used for generations. Fill your home with vintage and salvaged treasures, and dress your coffee table or dining table with a vase of fresh wildflowers. Blinds and curtains should be plaid or a subtle print, made with a light fabric that keeps the look from being too heavy. The casual and relaxed style of the country cottage should be reflected in layered bedding and fabrics, creating a cosy and inviting home that is reminiscent of carefree days.

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