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Measuring Blinds and Curtains

Measuring for Curtains & Blinds

You don’t need to be an expert to get curtains and blinds that perfectly fit each room. Our handy guide makes it easy to get the correct measurements for your new window dressings.


Blinds are an unobtrusive and stylish way to dress your windows, and can be used individually or alongside your curtains. As they are adjustable, they allow you to easily control the level of light in the room, such as reducing glare from the sun. Whether you want fabric roller blinds or wooden venetians, getting the perfect measurements couldn’t be easier.

Firstly, decide whether you want your blind in the interior of the recess or the exterior. You’ll need to consider the depth of the recess and whether it will comfortably fit a blind, as well as protruding objects like window handles and plug sockets.

Measuring for inside a recess

  1. Using a metal tape measure, measure the width of the recess at the top, middle and bottom. Take the tape out to the inner edge of the recess, not to the outside wall. Note down the shortest measurement. This will be your width measurement.

  2. Measure the height of the recess at the left-hand side, middle and right-hand side. Note down the longest measurement. This will be your height measurement.

  3. These two measurements are all you need!

  4. It’s worth noting that roller blinds don’t always suit the inside of a recess, as the controls will narrow the blinds and may expose some of your window, compromising privacy and letting more light in.

Measuring for outside a recess

  1. Decide where the track will be placed. They usually sit 1.5 - 3” above the window.

  2. Measure from where the track will sit to the bottom of the window. Take your tape measure about 3” below the window - this is your height measurement.

  3. Measure the width of the window and allow yourself an additional 3” on either side. This will be your width measurement.

If you’re buying ready-made blinds, they can usually all be cut down to size. If you can’t find your exact size, always buy bigger than you need.

Open Blind Measuring Guide


As well as providing privacy and warmth, curtains add the finishing touch to your home. They can be found in a huge variety of materials and designs, not to mention varying lengths and cuts. Whether you’re buying ready-made or made-to-measure, getting the right measurements is essential.

Before you measure for your curtains, you’ll need to know where your curtain pole or curtain track will be. If you already have a curtain pole in place, then perfect, you can measure from this and skip to Measuring for your Curtains below. If you don’t have a curtain pole, then you’ll need to measure for this first.

Measuring for a curtain pole

  1. Using a metal tape measure, measure the width of your window. Add 30cm onto this measurement to ensure your window will be comfortably covered on each side. The curtain pole should sit about 5” above the window. Make sure you check for water pipes and electrical cables.

Measuring Curtains New Wrap

Measuring for your curtains

Decide whether you want your curtains to hang all the way to the floor, or just to the windowsill. This will be the ‘drop’ of the curtain fabric.

Measure the length of your curtain pole, not including the finials. This will be your width measurement. You will need to multiply this depending on your type of curtains. 

1. Pencil Pleat, Tab Top, Eyelet - multiply your width measurement by 2 so they sit properly on the curtain pole.

2. To make sure your curtains overlap in the middle when closed, add another 1” to get your final width measurement.

3. If you want your curtains to hang to the floor, measure the length from the pole to the floor. Take away between ½” -1” from this measurement, as curtains should clear the floor by an inch or so. This prevents the ends from becoming dirty.

4. If you want your curtains to hang to your windowsill, measure the length from the pole to the sill. Take away about ½” so they sit just above the sill.

5. If you want your curtains to hang between the windowsill and the floor, a standard guide is for them to finish about 6” below the windowsill, so measure to this point.

6. If you’re hanging pencil pleat curtains from eyelets, measure from the eyelet rather than the curtain pole for an accurate measurement.

7. As walls and floors are rarely perfectly level, we recommend measuring the width and length from three points, and then take the shortest measurement.

Don't forget to pick up some rings and gliders to hold your curtains up, and a pair of tiebacks to give them a stylish swept-back look during the day. For more inspiration and ideas on how to dress up your windows, browse our collection of curtains, blinds, and accessories.

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