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Creating a Cosy Cinema Indoors

Sometimes, going to the cinema with a loved one or family can be expensive. Once you've bought your tickets and paid for your popcorn and drinks, you've probably spent more than you intended. But that doesn't mean you can't get the cinema experience at home for less, especially when you can now rent the same movies at home whilst they're still in cinemas!


If you're searching for inspo for your own little cinema online, you'll probably find extravagant designs that take up the whole room and look like a carbon copy of cinemas near you. But you don't have to create your cinema this way - in fact, it's not realistic for most. If you're serious about having a cinema-style living room that's still functional for everyday use, then our top tips will help.

The Screen

The most important part of the cinema is the movie screen itself. If you want to splash the cash, you could choose to measure up a wall to hang a large, flat-screen TV. Anything over 50" will help make you feel like you're looking at the big screen! But for those with a slightly more modest budget, you could get a projector and use a simple bed sheet or a projector screen to get the same effect.


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The Seating

Traditional cinemas usually have individual chairs, but we're seeing more cinemas with cuddle seats and sofas pop up. Your existing furniture will work well for this, regardless of style, but if you're starting from scratch and decorating with the theme of a cinema in mind, then why not opt for a few leather armchairs? Linearly placing these against a wall will give you that feeling of sinking into the back row of your local cinema.


If you prefer the new sofa-style cinema, you can place 2-seater sofas around your screen or even invest in a larger corner sofa to curl up, lay on a chaise lounge, or cuddle with the family in true comfort.

The Sound

Beautiful crisp, clear surround sound is one of the perks when going to the cinema. When those trailers first come on, and you can feel the room shaking your bones, you know you're in for an exceptional experience. Although you might never get sound that loud (thankfully for your neighbours and eardrums alike), you can find some surround sound speakers or a soundbar to hook up to your TV.

Indoor Cinema PIS

The Lighting

Is there anything more exciting than when the lights go down at the cinema? Bring soft lighting into your living room with beautiful floor lamps or stringing fairy lights around your TV unit, bookshelf, or walls. Alternatively, you could install dimmer lights to set the perfect tone in your space.

Getting Cosy

One of the plus sides to having your own cinema at home is that you can get as cosy and comfortable as you like! Pile your chairs or sofa with throws and blankets, prop yourself up on some cushions, and allow yourself to sink into your favourite movie from the comfort of home. You can even bring a thick, soft duvet down from the bedroom to cuddle under for a real family day.


Snacks and Drinks

Typical cinema snacks include popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, and share bags of sweets, all of which are easy to find at your local supermarket or easy to make at home.

Divide your snacks into individual plates and bowls to avoid squabbling, or gather round to share and get the experience of fighting to grab popcorn whilst your mate is trying to hog the lot! Whilst you may not be able to get the coveted Tango Ice Blast, you can still get a delicious Slush Puppie at home or grab your favourite soft drink instead.

Some cinemas even serve wine now, so we won't blame you if you decide to break out a bottle of the harder stuff if you want to kick back and relax.

If you're looking for more inspiration on getting the cinema feel at home, why not check out our article on outdoor cinemas? If you want more ideas for your living room, our entire furniture collection is sure to help!

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