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How to Create an Outdoor Cinema at Home

Turning your garden or outdoor space into a cinema is a fun and entertaining way to while away the evening, especially during the summer with your favourite drinks and snacks. Perfect for couples wanting a date night under the stars and families looking to spend more time together, the outdoor cinema experience is incredibly versatile for everyone.

And getting that Instagram or Pinterest-worthy outdoor cinema is much easier than you think! Follow our top tips for spectacular evenings you’ll never forget.

Find the Right Location

The best place is somewhere dry and sheltered. UK weather is changeable, even in the summer, so huddling under a gazebo, especially one with walls, or a pergola provides some protection from wind and rain – practical for keeping you comfy and your equipment dry too.

If you have a particularly small space or you use your garden or patio for several uses, pop-up gazebos allow you to conveniently tidy away and store the structure for another day.


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Invest in a Good Projector

Do your research when it comes to buying a projector. It used to be that projectors were low-quality things reminiscent of awkward school presentations, assemblies, and ill-prepared office meetings, but now projectors provide a far more cinema-like effect regardless of your budget.

Think about how often you’re going to use it, the size of your space or screen so you can choose the right throw (short for up close and long for further away), and the number of lumens. 3000 lumens and above are ideal for large, bright spaces and a cinema effect regardless of the time of day, whilst under 3000 is perfect for darker spaces or use at night.

Choose and Set Up Your Screen

At the most basic level, you can use a white bedsheet pegged to your washing line, or pinned to a wall, weighed down at the bottom to stop it from moving in the wind.

Alternatively, you can also buy a projector screen or hire one from a local company.

Once your screen is up and ready to go, simply connect your laptop, DVD player, or other device to your projector.

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Get Comfortable

Blankets and cushions are a must-have for your cinema, as they provide both warmth and a cosy atmosphere as the sun goes down. You could even build a little nook out of a tent or snuggle up on your existing patio furniture.

For an extra warming element, you could light a fire pit or chimenea to sit around if you have the space.

The Finishing Touches

Once all your essentials are ready to go, you can drape fairy lights around your screen, gazebo, or pergola if you want a more rustic look in your garden or decorate with lanterns. For a modern approach, solar lighting is a great option for adding a warm glow to your flowerbeds or garden path whilst helping you to save energy.

Bring a picnic out with you, or if you’re really making an evening on it, you could even fire up the barbecue! Set out drinks and snacks nearby to keep everyone well fed and hydrated to avoid people needing to get up frequently.


Whether you’re watching a rom-com, your favourite action film, or braving the latest horror movie, you’re sure to enjoy getting out into the fresh air and spending time with the people who matter most in your very own home cinema.

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