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6 Ideas for Your Spare Room

If you’re getting ready for a house full of guests, the chances are you could be a little stressed. Being prepared is always the best way to go, and the first step to being prepared for guests is to have your spare room ready. Having extra people in the house (even if they’re family) can cause problems, especially at significant events like weddings and Christmas, so here’s our guide to making your guests feel at home anytime without too much extra work on your part.

1. Beds

There are many schools of thought for the right bed for your spare room. Twin beds mean you can have people share the space without sharing the bed, but twins aren’t the best when pushed together for couples. Depending on the size of your room, you could have a double bed and a day bed, so there’s always a “friends only” option. Day beds are available with or without a second mattress and trundle.


Modern Guest Bedding Bedroom

2. Spare Room or Sofa Bed

Even if your spare room is an office or playroom most of the time, ensure you have drawers and hanging space for your guests to unpack and organise. A bench or box is a helpful platform for unpacking and packing suitcases without bending down too much. If you don’t have a spare room and your guests will be sleeping on a sofa bed, inflatable mattress or folding bed, it is even more important to clear space for their belongings. In this case, you should also make sure you give your guests some privacy in the morning and not move into the sitting room until they are up and ready!

colourful cushion guest bed

3. Clean & Tidy

If you let housework pile up, it can take hours or days to get done. Do a little bit every day, and when it comes to guests, you’ll have the house and their room ready in a flash! Keep surfaces clutter-free and do a quick dust each week. If you have a spare room, clean after your last guests leave so it’s ready even in an emergency. If you’re up to date on day to day cleaning, all you’ll have to do is vacuum and make the bed.

4. Keep It Simple

Simple décor and minimal clutter will make your guests feel more at home. Add storage solutions where possible, so your belongings don’t get in the way of their comfort. Have blankets available in case of cold nights, and install a TV to have some private downtime if need be.

5. Food

Okay, these last two ideas are less for the spare room and more for when guests come to stay. Freeze for ease! If you have a big enough freezer, it’s always a clever idea to make extra portions of stew, bolognese, chilli etc., so you have some meals stored ready for guests, expected or otherwise.


Make sure you know of any vegetarian needs well in advance and have snacks on hand just in case their mealtimes are earlier than yours.

6. Activities

A little preparation for indoor and outdoor activities will make life easier while your guests stay with you. Have a list of walks, places of interest, houses, gardens, playgrounds etc., at hand so they can have a say in the day’s activities. Board games, video games and movies make for good indoor options. But hopefully, your guests are your friends, and you will have tons to talk about anyway!

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