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Metal Bed Frame Headboard

Your Guide to Buying a Headboard

Changing your headboard is a clever way to refresh your bedroom without needing to change your entire bed. They come in various materials and styles, from soft upholstery to intricate wrought iron. The right headboard will complement your decor, complete the look of your bed, and be a practical consideration, too - especially if you like to sit up and read in bed.

Types of Headboard

Freestanding Headboards: Freestanding headboards are usually used with divan bed bases. They bolt onto the bed, attaching to the base itself. There’s no need to attach them to the wall, and the headboard can be moved around with the bed.

Wall-mounted Headboards: These headboards come with fixings that attach them to the wall. They are used when your bed doesn’t have bolt holes for a headboard. They are also a great option for creating a statement headboard, as you can place it higher up the wall for a dramatic and imposing look.   

Grey Headboard Button Detail

Styles of Headboard

Panel Headboards: These are a standard rectangular shape and will fit comfortably into most homes. They’re perfect for those who like sitting up and reading in bed, providing steady support for your neck and back. Extra large panel headboards can double up as stylish statement pieces, usually attaching to the wall.

Bookcase/Storage Headboards: These headboards have a bigger width to accommodate extra space for storing items. These can be standard panel boards that allow you to display photo frames, ornaments etc., all the way to shelving and cupboard space built around the bed. 

Intricate Metalwork: These are more decorative headboards that can be made from wrought iron or metal. They aren’t well suited to those who like to read in bed, as the metal frame can be unforgiving and uncomfortable. But they are lighter than wooden or upholstered panels and don’t block light from flowing around the room.

guide to buying a headboard

Headboard Material

Wooden Headboards: These bring warmth to your room, adding a cosy, traditional feel. Woods such as pine and ash offer an affordable and customisable option, whereas luxurious oak and mahogany can be carved into ornate designs for a luxurious finish. If you like to sit up and read in bed, wooden headboards are not the most comfortable choice unless you invest in some extra soft pillows.

Metal Headboards: Metal headboards are versatile and lightweight, suiting an almost endless variety of bedrooms. Materials include brass, iron and stainless steel, with designs from sleek and minimalist to vintage-style intricate. Metal headboards don’t block the flow of light, helping to keep rooms open and bright.

Upholstered Headboards: These are often more luxurious and come in various materials, including leather. The fabric can be customised to your decor, and adding padding makes them comfortable for sitting up and reading in bed. Add the finishing touches to your upholstered headboard with tufts and buttoning detail.

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