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Going Grey EB

Go Grey for a Modern, Stylish Look

Grey is becoming increasingly popular in interiors, and we have to say that we love this blossoming trend! The cool tone is a beautiful neutral that's easy to coordinate with any accent colour and can be carried through to any decorating theme when you decide it's time for a change. Available in various hues and finishes, we have some great tips to help your space go grey for a modern and stylish look.



One of the easiest ways to bring the grey aesthetic into your home is through furniture. If you're decorating your living room, grey sofas and chairs make a brilliant base, and, depending on whether you're picking a cosy fabric sofa, luxurious plush velvet, or stylish leather, this colour can create a whole host of themes through your space. Grey extends from high-end looks to industrially inspired, to functional, practical, and family-friendly, so you might be able to keep your grey furniture even if your life circumstances change!


Grey is also stylish for sideboards, coffee tables, and end tables. Darker slate greys work well if you have lighter walls or sofa, whilst gorgeous silver tones greatly contrast deeper wall colours. Grey is also easier to clean than white furniture and isn't as harsh as stark white on the eye. It softens your space whilst still putting the onus on a modern aesthetic which some warmer wooden tones can fail to do, accidentally ageing your home design.


Going Grey ECI


Because grey is such a versatile shade, any accent colour you pick will work beautifully to create the perfect aesthetic. Pairing grey tones with bright, overpowering colours such as yellows, oranges, or anything neon in your cushions and throws, can tone it down, making it more palatable if you're not confident enough to go all-in with something so vivid. Warm colours tend to work best when you're working with a warm-toned grey, too, so your space feels cosy and inviting.


However, pastel tones with grey can create a covetable look, mixing two trends that we adore. Greys with pastel pink, mint greens, and gorgeous sky blues help to add subtle vibrancy and create a more classic, contemporary theme than the modern eclectic bold tones discussed above. This makes it an attractive choice for bedrooms when you want your space to be on-trend but calming and comforting enough for sleep.


If you'd like to create something totally dramatic, try pairing your grey furniture or walls with other dark colours such as navy or black. This will create an incredibly dark atmosphere, so it's best used in rooms with large windows to allow as much natural light as possible. Despite the dark finish, it's also something completely different and is a chic option if you want a more monochrome style.


Adding accent colours with your grey furniture or walls is easiest through cushions, throws, curtains, and rugs but can also be achieved through ornaments and wall art for a subtle effect.

Going Grey PIS

Staying Grey

Just because grey is a stunning neutral for home design, this doesn't mean you have to use other colours to make your space feel modern and stylish. Thanks to grey's natural versatility, you can also use grey in your furnishings, even if you have grey walls or furniture.


When using grey on grey, it's always best to layer the colour with varying shades to create a harmonious balance between dark and light tones. In addition to this, try experimenting with a mix of materials. Faux furs and velvets help to create a lavish and opulent finish whilst cable-knit wool and linens create a more comforting and practical look.

Finish your single colour space with clear or crystal-effect ornaments to add dimension and interest to your room whilst not detracting from your grey colour palette and complementing the scheme. If you'd like to stay away from glass or faceted plastics, choosing silver ornaments can be just as effective whilst keeping that beautiful grey tone throughout your home.


If you're feeling inspired to get creative with grey tones in your home, why not check out our beautiful furniture and furnishing collections, or check out some of the articles below to help you decorate to perfection?

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