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How to Organise your Kitchen Cupboard

It can be incredibly easy for your kitchen cupboards to end up a mess. You go shopping, throw it into the cupboard in a rush because your kids are screaming, the dog is barking, or you’re running late for the dentist because the queue in the supermarket was longer than you thought, and only one self-checkout is working.

This leads to duplicate buys, a can of something you need gets hidden at the back of the cupboard, and you struggle to find it, and everything feels chaotic and unorganised.

With a few helpful tips and simple gadgets, you can make your cupboards a serene and organised place, which may help you spend and waste less when you’re not accidentally buying duplicates because you can instantly see you already have beans.

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Common Items First

The items you use more often than others should be placed in a quick-to-reach place, usually in the front and centre of the cupboard. Or, if you like your cabinet to have a linear flow, you could place the items or foods you use a lot (i.e., the beans you buy every week) on the left and the things you barely ever use (like that packet of chia seeds you purchased with good intentions) on the right. This way, you can immediately see what you need to stock up on. Plus, you won’t need to rifle through your cupboard when you can’t find something as everything will have its place.

Group Together Like Items

We keep our cutlery and crockery together for easy access, so why don’t we do this with food too? To make things simple, you could group your pulses, kinds of pasta, sauces, etc., for a cohesive (and satisfying!) look in your cupboard while making it simple to navigate.

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Use Containers and Labels

By now, you’ve probably seen an immaculately attractive-looking kitchen cupboard where everything has been decanted into beautiful glass jars and perfectly labelled. But does this method work, or is it just an unnecessary hassle?

We believe this method really can help keep your cupboard organised and tidy. After all, if it looks visually appealing, you’re more likely to want to keep it looking that way. Plus, physically needing to decant your items means you’ll be actively tidying and arranging your cupboard every time you shop.

Labels make things easier when you swap out packaging from glass containers. Label them, so you know which is the white flour and which is the bread flour, and make sure everything stays in one convenient place.

Utilise Unused Space

If you have a cupboard with leftover space, these are perfect for little storage trays for individual chocolate bars or bags of crisps. You could hang Command hooks inside your cupboard door to store everyday kitchen utensils like ladles, sieves, or colanders.

If you’ve got enough space for a lazy susan in your cupboard, then you could use one to store spices, sauces, or cleaning products so you can find what you need without searching the entire cupboard.

You can even get secondary shelving as an insert to make use of the space above jars, giving you more room for your essentials.

Simple but effective, we hope these tips help you to keep your space organised and that you can implement similar ideas through other rooms in your home too.

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