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Glass Storage Mason Jars

Glass Jars: Essential Storage and Recipe Ideas

Perfect for helping to preserve, store, and serve your favourite snacks and culinary creations, our extensive collection of glass storage jars and glass dispensers are sure to help complement any kitchen environment. From clip-top to screw fastening, the possibilities are endless when it comes to storing your favourite foods from the comfort of your own home.


Storing Ingredients Glass Jars

Healthy Eating

From pickles to preserves, maintaining your healthy diet is no challenge when it comes to utilising glass jars. These jars are perfect for storing salads, oats, and even handmade dressings with ease. Seeking some inspiration? Why not try out one of these suggestions:

  • Pickled Vegetables - Tangy, tasty, and great for accompanying an array of dishes, pickling your own vegetables needn't be taxing. Simply choose your desired vegetable; carrots, green beans, red onions, and cucumbers are often firm favourites, prepare them accordingly, then add them to your sterilised jars. The pickling liquid is made by combining vinegar, water, salt, and sugar and bringing it to a boil until all ingredients have dissolved over a high-heat. Pour this brine over your vegetables to within 1/2" from the top, remove the air bubbles by gently banging on a firm surfaces, then seal tightly with a lid. Be sure to store your pickled vegetables in a fridge - try to fight the temptation to tuck-in for at least 48 hours, this'll allow your vegetable to soak fully in the brine.

  • Jam-Packed Salads - Perfect for those that are keen on meal-prep, as well as for those that are looking for an effective way to help store their everyday salads, it's a simple and straight-forward process when it comes to filling your jars. Simply pick your favourite ingredients, whether vegetables, lentils, or salad leaves, and layer them up. Screw or clip-down the lid, then enjoy when desired! If you fancy adding in your own dressing, then be sure to pour it over the salad, close the lid, then shake well before tucking-in.

  • Delicious Dressings - Great for drizzling over salads and other culinary creations, dressings are perfect too for storing in mason jars. What's more, they needn't be over complicated! Recipes such as a simple vinaigrette, made by mixing a desired oil with something acidic such as vinegar or lemon juice, can help liven up any dish and is designed to last up to 2 weeks if kept refrigerated and stored securely.

beetroot glass jar storage

Chutneys and Sauces

Perfect for tabletops and storing in your kitchen cupboards, mason jars filled with creative chutneys and scrumptious sauces are sure to go down well with friends, family members, and guests. Smaller jars are perfect for filling with chutneys, no matter whether chunky or smooth. More practical bottles are ideal for serving sauces and even homemade oil-mixtures in. Looking for a way to store all your dried herbs and spice mixes? Why not stock up your shelves or kitchen sideboards with stylish Spice Jars. Perfect for keeping note of what's what, the Kilner Gifting Label Set is sure to come in handy.

Thinking about how to go about mixing together your own jams? Our handy guide to Making Your Own Jams and Preserves This Summer is sure to inspire an array of scrumptious spreads during the warmer months.

Staying Hydrated

Glass drinks dispensers are excellent for parties and get togeters. No matter whether it's filled with a fabulous fruit punch, awesome alcoholic cocktail, or a with an invigorating infused-water creation, dispensers are perfect for helping save space, as well as the amount of time spent on washing up!

From get-togethers to everyday use, here at The Range our extensive collection of desirable glassware is sure to add a touch of style to your kitchen.

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