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Living Room Shelving

Storage for Your Unused Spaces

Some areas of our home, such as the corners of the room or the walls, can often be undervalued. Don’t let these parts of your room go to waste - transform them into stylish storage spaces! A great way to get your floorspace back and add to the furnishings of your property, creating extra storage in the spaces that aren’t being used is a win-win.

Up the walls...

Walls make up most of the constructed surface area of our rooms, yet they’re often undervalued in terms of use. Rarely, if ever, do we use the space high-up on our walls, so hanging shelves here is a great way to add out-of-the-way storage for belongings that you hardly pick up - such as sentimental items or the books you’ve over-read. This will make your ceilings feel taller and still leave space below for your artwork.

Around the TV...

Our televisions are often the centrepiece of our living space, with all our other furniture positions based on its location - but the area around this focal point doesn’t need to be bare. Even if you have a wall-mounted TV, you can still add units underneath and shelving around the sides to stack up your DVD collection or games. We never really walk underneath our TVs, so why not put a console table in that space?


Wall TV Shelving Storage Unit


If your room has indents or cut-outs in the walls, then don’t let them go to waste. Ladder shelves are perfect for these nooks, angling outwards to create the same depth as the rest of the wall. You could also install some regular shelves, or even place your desk here and get some stylish office storage.

storage for your unused spaces

Creative corners...

How often do you walk or sit in the corner of your room? If the answer is ‘not much’, a corner unit would be a great way to utilise that space.


As the items you place here are less likely to get nocked or be in the way, these areas of the room offer opportunity to get creative and show off your unique style. Stunning stools, bookcases, display cabinets, and staggered floating shelves will add to your décor and provide a place for your ornaments and figurines.

Under the bed...

If your bed doesn’t have built-in storage and there’s clearance between the mattress and the floor, purchase some plastic boxes or underbed storage bags. This discreet and hidden storage space is perfect for keeping all your linen, towels, and bulky off-season bedding in when not in use and will free up space in your cupboards for the things you use more frequently.

On top of furniture...

It might be a stretch to reach the top of your wardrobe, but that’s precisely why it’s a perfect place to keep the bits and bobs that you only need once in a blue moon. Storage boxes are available in an array of stylish designs that will complement your furniture and theme and will keep your items dust-free while they wait to be reached for next.

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