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Styled Wooden Shelves Decor

Guide to Styling Your Shelves

Shelves and shelving units are versatile home accessories that add style and storage to your room. If styled methodically and creatively, they can become beautiful focal points and harmonise with the theme of your room.

The first step to styling any shelving unit is to clear everything off it and look at the space it offers. If you’re unhappy with what you’ve got to work with, browse our quality collection here.

The next step is picking a colour theme. Look around your room and select some colours you’d like to work with and accentuate. Metallics are always a good start.


If your shelving unit has a backboard, you can add some interest by covering it with decorative patterns, illustrations, or bold colours. Adhesive surface covers are easy to apply and instantly transform your furniture. If you’d rather leave it as is, you can always get an eye-catching look with your accessories.

Reading Material

Show off how well-read you are by displaying books and magazines. Lay them in a non-conventional way, such as horizontal stacks, to enhance their aesthetic. If your shelf is one flat level, get some attractive and unique bookends to prop them up. When selecting what reading material to display, think about the covers of your books and whether they work with your palette.

Love Life

Bring life to your unit with some luscious indoor plants. Any shelving space can be instantly enhanced with a touch of greenery. If you're not particularly green-fingered or your unit isn't in a location that's great for growing plants, purchase a couple of artificial ones - all of the attractive charm without the hassle of maintenance!

stylish shelving bookcase

Tidy Storage

Keep odd items that aren’t decorative and have no other home organised and out of eyesight in decorative storage boxes. Find ones that perfectly fit your shelves, coordinate with your colour scheme, and add them to your shelves for an alternative to bulky drawers or cupboards.


Get a variation of height levels, sizes and shapes on your shelf using a combination of cute ornaments. Trinket trays will help you achieve a good relationship between vertical and horizontal items and are ideal for keeping small bits and bobs in a safe place. Ornaments will also help you add texture to your shelf with a collection of high-gloss, embossed, or cut-out designs. Finish off your decorative assortment with an attractive candle - ensure it's placed on a heatproof surface and not near anything flammable!

Picture Perfect

Leave enough room to add a heartwarming personal touch to your newly-styled shelves with a photograph or two of a treasured person, place, or pet. From delicate and ornate to sleek and modern, find a frame that fits your theme without overpowering your image. If your shelving unit has an open back, you can hang these frames behind the wall for a unique styling technique that frees up more shelving space.

Every time you add an item or two, take a step back and look at it. Reposition it or remove it if it's not working or doesn't feel right. If you need some inspiration or some chic new items for your shelving unit, browse our collection of ornaments and artificial plants.

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