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Storage Tips for the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and no matter its size, it always ends up cluttered with odds and ends from around the house. Worktops full of pots and appliances, cupboards spilling out with food and jars; there never seems to be enough space for everything we need! We have all been there, and we can guarantee that there is a solution to every space problem. Here are some of our tricks for making the most out of your kitchen space.



Declutter your worktop first. This is where most unnecessary items get piled up, so ruthlessly clear your worktops of anything not kitchen-related - this includes keys, phones and paperwork. Keep only the essential appliances on display, such as your kettle and toaster, and put everything else into a cupboard. This immediately opens up the room and creates more light and space. If you need easy access to salt & pepper, oils etc., then place all these onto a small tray to keep it all compact.


Use the tops of your cabinets to store bulky items and anything that won’t fit into a cupboard. Place everything in attractive baskets for easy access; you’ll also fit in much more this way than having items loose on the cabinets. This works well for extra appliances, large items like picnic baskets, and depending on how high your cupboards are, pots, pans and colanders.

Traditional Kitchen Storage

Wall Space

Make use of wall space and create shelving wherever you can, even if they are small vertical shelves for storing spices and condiments. The backsplash above your counter is a great place to keep a wall-mounted knife rack or a rail for hanging spoons and utensils, removing the need for worktop storage and freeing up valuable space.

Organise Drawers

Organise cupboards and drawers, removing anything that doesn’t need to be in your kitchen. It’s incredible how quickly our drawers become full of useless pamphlets, old keys and odds and ends. It pays to be ruthless here! Clear cupboards of old food, transferring bags of pasta and flour into mason jars or containers for tidier and more efficient storage. You can make the most of cupboard space with small baskets for spices, veggies and bottles of sauce.

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