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Easy Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathrooms are never the biggest rooms in the home, and it can be a tricky task to keep them clutter free and organised. Making the most of your space is key to having a bathroom that’s not overrun with towels, toiletries and hundreds of hair grips! Here are some tips to help you create a little more storage room and keep your bathroom organised and tidy.


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Make Use of Your Walls

Wall space is often underused in bathrooms, and can provide valuable storage that frees up your countertops and sink. Use shelving to store towels, baskets or toiletries, without compromising on floor space. Shelves come in a wide range of materials and styles, meaning you can find something that’s perfect for your home and budget.

Tidy Toiletries

Mason and jam jars make great holders for odds and ends that otherwise get scattered all over the house - think cotton wool, cotton buds, hair grips etc. Stylish as well as practical, they can be stacked away in cupboards or displayed on your countertops, providing easy access when you need them. For items that you need to use regularly, bath bridges make the most of that empty bath space when it’s not in use, allowing you to keep your shower gels somewhere handy. This also means you don’t have to cram everything into those small corners of the bathtub!

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Get Creative

Repurposing other household items to double up as storage is a cost effective way to get your bathroom organised. Chrome shower racks work great as makeshift shelving on cupboard doors, especially those under your sink. They easily hold toiletries and cleaning products, allowing you to store more items out of sight. Customise an old step ladder with a lick of paint and prop it in the corner of the room for a stylish and unique shelving solution. You could also stack wicker baskets or pretty boxes on top of each other, holding extra towels and any clutter you don’t want to put on display. If your room is really tight on space, sink skirts are a clever way to hide unsightly items without the need for shelving or cupboards. Simply stick the fabric to the edge of your sink and it will hide anything you put behind it.

Make sure you take a look through our Bathroom Department to get more ideas on taking advantage of every inch of the room. We have some articles on how to luxe-up your bathroom, as well as creating a sensory space.

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