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Décor Hacks For Small Bedrooms

Whether you have the small box room in a shared house, or you’re home just isn’t that big in general, a small bedroom can sometimes be quite difficult to decorate. Bedrooms are supposed to be a place of safe relaxation, and while small bedrooms can create a sense of easy cosiness, they can also become cluttered very quickly, which may cause a feeling of claustrophobia. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you keep your small room clutter-free and cosy, while also opening it up and bit more.

Small Bedroom ECI

Natural Light & Fresh Air

The first step to opening up a small room is to let in as much natural light and fresh air as much as possible, especially during the warmer months. Keep your curtains or blinds wide open during the day, and keep your window cracked to let in a constant flow of fresh air.

If you live on the lower floor and would prefer to keep the outside street hidden away, then consider picking up some sheer curtains that will both let in light but also keep away prying eyes. If its too cold to keep your window open, then a small fan popped on a shelf can still circulate the air to create a sense of freshness.


Mirrors are the surest way to create a sense of extra space in your bedroom. Whether you decide on a large mirror stretching across and whole wall, or lots of little ones to reflect at different angles, by reflecting the room back on itself it will help the space seem larger. Mirrors also have the added benefit of looking beautiful and also allowing you to check yourself out to make sure you look fantastic and ready for the day.

Small Bedroom PIS

Storage & Shelves

Make the most of limited storage space by employing drawers, shelves, and under-space. One set of larger drawers will be ideal for storing clothes and knickknacks, and the top of the drawers can double up as a place to store all your beauty and care products. Shelves will help you take advantage of vertical space and will be perfect for showing off books, photos, and lovely ornaments. And make sure you use the space under your bed! Pick up some storage boxes or bags that can be easily slid in and out of the underside of your bed to keep some of your possessions.

Colour scheme

If you really want to make the most of your small bedroom, then you must figure out a colour scheme. A simple and beautiful theme will pull the whole room together with neat style to ensure everything looks cohesive. For small rooms, we suggest using a light colour for the base of your scheme, perhaps a lovely pastel blue, pale green, or pallid pink across your walls and other spreading areas. This will help create an airy, open sense. Try to stick to one or two colours for your accents; if you want to really hit hard on the calm and breezy vibe, stick to light colours, but if you want to add some dramatic elegance then you can infuse dark colours throughout.


Whether you choose to bring pops of colour through ornaments, accent cushions, or a feature wall, colour helps to infuse your personality into the room as well as add extra interest.

Want some more inspiration on how to make the most out of small rooms? Check out our articles on Storage Solutions For Small Bathrooms and Tips For Furnishing A Small Home. And make sure to take a look through our Bedroom Department to pick up anything you need for your own home.

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