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Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

Many homes have small bathrooms. Whether the house itself is large or small, there is often not much space reserved for our most necessary routines. This often leads to the room becoming cluttered with everything you need to keep in it; toiletries, loo roll, pampering bath and beauty products, and even some cleaning products. With a cluttered bathroom can come a great feeling of stress. No one wants to get ready for work amongst a mess of stuff, it will just give you a stressful start to the day. And who can truly relax during their evening bath if they have to rummage through products scattered all over the sides for their favourite bubble bath? If you find yourself stressed out at the clutter in your small bathroom, simply read on to find out some easy ways to maximise your space and find the perfect home for all your soaps, shampoos, shaving kits, bath bombs, towels, and more.

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- Make use of pre-installed cabinets. When you move into a new house, there may already be some storage included, usually a cabinet on the wall or under the sink. If not, then why not install your own? A sink cabinet will really make a difference, as this is often a space that otherwise goes unused.

- Mirror cabinets provide you with a two-for-one deal. Usually attached to the wall, they let you take a look at yourself (ideal for styling hair, skincare routines, and brushing teeth), while also providing space to keep your products. These are particularly great for medications, nail clippers, and other small things that you might not want to keep out in the open.

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- Tiered caddies allow you to make use of vertical space. You can pop these often stylish shelving sets in the corner of the room to keep it out the way and can find them with two, three, or even four tiers, making for the perfect place to store most of your toiletries.

- Racks and baskets can be attached to either the inside of your shower or the wall above your bath or can be hooked over the top of the shower. Again, these can be found with multiple levels, and are the ideal home for the shower gel, hair care products, shaving cream, and squeegees that you’re currently using.

- Hang up your dressing gown or towels while you shower, making them easy to grab and keeping them off the floor. Place some hooks on the back of your bathroom door or hang things over your bathroom heater, which has the added benefit of keeping them warm and toasty if your heating is on. Perfect for winter, when we dread the thought of getting out of the shower or bath into the cold room.

- If you love having a luxe bath to help you relax, consider picking up a bath tray. You can make this the permanent home of your soaps and hair care products, and can also place drinks, a book, and even snacks on top while you’re bathing to add an extra lavish feel.


As you can see, there are lots of ways to maximise the space in a tiny bathroom. Make sure to check out our Bathrooms department to find something that perfectly fits your needs and aesthetics.

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