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How to Create a Photo Wall

Creating a photo wall is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Proudly displaying your most cherished memories is a great way to bring a personal touch into your interior design. Whether you want to create a piece of wall art or you want to show off your favourite moments, here are some tips for getting the most out of your photo wall.

Choose Your Wall

Deciding where to hang your pictures is critical. You ideally want an open space with plenty of natural light. For lots of pictures, a long hallway is ideal as you’ll be able to admire your photographs regularly. You can also create a photo wall above a sofa or bed as a custom feature wall or above a piece of furniture to add depth to a room.

Choose your Frames

When it comes to creating your photo wall, planning is key. Decide on a theme you like, as this will influence the photographs and the frames. Black and white monochrome pictures look modern and sleek, while mismatched frames create a romantic and vintage feel. You’ll need to decide which photographs you want to use and how many of them there will be. This will help you determine their size, which will vary according to the space you have. Decide whether you want all your frames to be the same size or whether you want to mix them up with larger and smaller options.

Modern Photo Wall Collage

Choose a Theme

You can also channel different themes for your photos and develop a story. Perhaps you want to show pictures of your child as they grow up, or a fledgeling romance that turned into a marriage. A photo wall is a beautiful way to capture special journeys in your life. You can even add art prints with quotes or song lyrics to break up the pictures and add context to your display.

Plan out your Design

Once you have the photos you want and the frames you like, you need to decide how to lay them out on your wall. Symmetrical designs work particularly well with frames of the same size and colour, and you can also get creative with shapes such as circles and hearts. Take some craft paper and cut out the shape of your chosen picture frames. You can then tape these to the wall and rearrange until you have the layout you love.

Now all that’s left to do is hang your photographs and enjoy your custom photo wall, complete with your own personal memories to share with anyone who visits your home.

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