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Applying Cream Skin Care

Skin Care Essentials

Healthy, hydrated skin makes us look better and feel better. Here is our essential guide to the few basics that all skin types need all year round to help us look good and feel young!


The first rule of skin care is to ensure your face is clean at the start and end of the day. And at the end of the day, this means ensuring all your make-up – including that waterproof mascara – is removed. A cleansing oil is good for this, so you don’t need to rub your eyes or skin too much while cleansing. After that, a good gentle cleanser will take off any oily residue. A creamy or milky cleanser is more delicate if you have dry, sensitive or ageing skin. Cleansing wipes are suitable for travelling, but try not to use them daily as they can irritate the skin.


As we age, our skin becomes less self-sufficient, and it becomes more important for us to exfoliate at least once a week. This ensures dead skin doesn’t build up to become dry patchy flakes or cause a breakout. Many face scrubs use biodegradable alternatives to microbeads since they were banned in 2018, such as ground nutshells, apricot kernels, sea salt, and sugar.

Applying Face Mask Skni Care


Depending on your skin type, one moisturiser will work for you day and night, but if you want a deeper moisturiser at night, get a different cream for each. Always apply lightly, with upward strokes – gravity takes enough of a toll without us adding to it twice a day. If you get a day cream with built-in sunscreen, your skin will thank you. Even in the UK winter, UV rays will damage your skin. Look for an SPF sign on your day cream – it’s usually just SPF 15, so come summer and/or holidays, get a good sunscreen for added protection. You might also want an eye gel to keep those smile lines at bay a little longer.

skin care essentials


A mask instantly boosts skin; it’s like an extra nourishing treat. Try a mask twice or thrice a week, depending on your skin type. Look for one that is hydrating and with anti-inflammatory ingredients to calm and soothe skin. Your skin should feel soft, hydrated and rejuvenated afterwards, and if it doesn't, then perhaps you should try another.


If you get a breakout, you might want to try a different cleanser and moisturiser – try without oil, scent-free, etc., and if you’re using a night cream, perhaps it’s too heavy for your skin. Drink plenty of water, cleanse carefully and avoid touching the pimple or your face. The urge to pick and squeeze may be strong, but resist, and your break out will clear quicker!

There are many more treatments targeted at anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle serums to investigate. In addition to all the above, you can help with your skin care regimen without breaking the bank by eating healthily, avoiding too much dairy, exercising regularly and drinking plenty of water. And skin care doesn’t stop with your face – body lotion and foot care are essential too!

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