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Essential Beauty Gadgets

While we agree that looks aren’t everything, it feels nice to get glammed up and treat yourself to a home beauty session. From straightening and styling to basic hygiene, here’s a list of all the essential gadgets that’ll help you with your everyday beauty regime.

Hair Care

Whether you’re looking to control of your frizz or embrace curls, there are some essential electricals that everyone with locks should own. Number one on the list is a hair dryer. Useful if you’re in a rush or the sun’s having a day off, hair dryers will save you from your soaking wet strands. They’re also great when it comes to styling, helping to blow your hair into the perfect do.

Another invaluable item on any dressing table is a pair of straighteners. Contrary to what their name suggests, these handy heated plates can be used to curl your tresses as well as straighten, helping you to achieve sleek, swirling locks or smooth-flowing strands. If straightened hair isn’t for you and you’re just after defined waves, then a set of curling tongs is a must-have – heating your hair as you wrap it around the wand to achieve that lush volume.

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Keeping on top of body hair can be somewhat of a challenge. Removing or styling stubble is easy with an electric shaver and there’s less risk of accidental cuts. No matter if you’re going for a smooth finish or a suave, rugged style, men’s shavers will help keep beard hair looking freshly groomed. If you want to show off silky smooth skin, then women’s electric shavers tackle hair on your legs, underarms, and bikini line with precision. Other facial hair getting out of control? Don't like the pain of plucking? Nose hair trimmers are the answer! Designed to trim back the hair that grows in your nostrils and ears, this small shaving device will ensure this hair looks prim and proper.


Hygiene is essential when it comes to looking your best. If you don’t take care of your teeth, then it could lead to some painful (and expensive!) problems in the future. Leading dental experts agree that electrical toothbrushes provide a more thorough clean for your teeth, helping to prevent plaque build-up and cavities. It’s a small change from regular brushes that could help to save you your smile.



Your feet are with you every step of the way, so you should ensure you’re looking after them. Regularly remove hard skin with an electric pedi and shape your nails with an electric file - designed to buffer and shine fingernails as well as toenails for a clean and healthy look. Together, these electronic accessories will ensure your feet are soft, smooth, and always sandal ready.

We hope these efficient electrical accessories streamline your home beauty routine and help give you the healthy, well-groomed look you’re after. For other gadgets and accessories, check out our Health & Beauty collection.

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