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Creating Perfume Fragrance

Finding Your Fragrance

If you’re looking for a new signature scent, you’ve probably noticed an overwhelming amount of options available. From flowers and fruits to woods and spices with notes of this, that, and the other, the world of Eau de’s can be a confusing place. We’ve developed a handy guide to help you narrow your search and pick the perfume that captures your personality.

Aroma Categories

Every fragrance can be sorted into a few basic categories, and people often favour the aromas from a specific group. Here’s a list of the aroma groups and their general characteristics.

Floral - Considered to be feminine and romantic, floral fragrances are the largest and most popular category. They contain the aroma of a single flower, such as jasmine or lavender, or harmony of several varieties.

Oriental - This group contains all the warming spices such as cinnamon and clove, usually with a slight musk and a base note of vanilla.

Citrus - Often associated with energetic and vibrant vibes, citrus scents are refreshing and lively. Think strong notes of lemons, limes, orange or grapefruit.

Fruity - Sweet smelling and enticing, fruity aromas can feature one primary fruit or a whole cocktail to tantalising your senses.

Greenery - Earthy and fresh, these fragrances remind you of the joys of rolling down a grassy hill with a concoction of oak, moss, and succulent leaves in the height of spring.

Woody - Warm, dry, and musky, woody scents are considered to be the most masculine of fragrances - sparking a sense of wanderlust and visions of adventure in a rustic woodland.

Aquatic - Clean and fresh with subtle spicy and citrus top notes, aquatic fragrances conjure images of rolling waves on sandy beaches with a breeze flowing through your hair.


finding the right perfume

The Notes

The concoction of aromas found in perfume is often described using the terms’ top notes’, ‘middle notes’ and ‘base notes’. Together, these notes make the profile of a specific aroma and here’s a breakdown of what each one brings to the final product:

Top Notes - These are generally the lightest of the aromas. They’re instantly recognisable and are essential for first impressions of the fragrance, usually of citrus or light floral roots. They’re also the first aromas to fade.

Middle Notes - Sometimes referred to as the ‘heart notes’, these are the most prominent of the aromas. Only hitting once the top notes have faded, familiar middle tones include spices such as cinnamon or rich floral aromas such as patchouli, lavender, or rose.

Base Notes - Harmonising with the middle notes to create the main fragrance, the rich scents linger long after the others have dissipated. Common aromas for these notes include cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli, amber, oakmoss, and musk.


It might seem a little odd, but consider your personality’s base notes when choosing the scent that’s right for you. If you’re a lively and energetic soul, then citrus aromas will suit you wonderfully. Full of wanderlust and love to travel? Then an oriental or woody perfume might capture your spirit best. If you love to dress up and take a keen interest in fashion, then you’ll find your favourite in the floral section, but if you’re chilled out and prefer a more relaxed approach to life, then greenery or aquatic might be best.

Whether you opt for waves of floral and fruity aromas or lean towards something muskier, there’s a fragrance out there that truly captures your personality and will help you to smell more like… well… you! For more help finding your new favourite fragrance, browse our selection of Perfumes & Aftershaves.

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