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Top Tips for Clear Skin

Your skin can often feel like a battleground; one day, it’s too oily; the next day, it’s too dry. One day it’s clear; the next day, there’s an eruption the size of your chin on your forehead. If you’re looking to stop this cycle of misery, then you’ve come to the right place – keep reading to discover our top tips for clear skin.

Skin Care

Use a face wash designed for your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, try the Nivea Micellar Rose Water Ge;, or if you have oil-prone skin, a Charcoal Detox Cleanser could be the wash that works for you.

Wash your face before bed. You might be too tired to stand up, take your make-up off and scrub the day away, but your skin will thank you for it. We also suggest using a cleansing brush for a deeper clean that fingers alone can’t do. It also makes exfoliating a lot easier!

Avoid products containing silicones. You can identify them by looking for ingredients ending in “cone.” These can block your pores.

Regularly use sun cream. Sun cream isn’t just for summer as it protects your skin no matter the weather, helping to keep it in tip-top condition. Always look for a cream that protects from UVA and UVB rays for maximum care.

Less is more - keep skincare products and make-up to a minimum. Too many products can block pores and confuse your skin, leading to extra oil production and breakouts.

Don’t pop your pimples. As tempting and satisfying as it might be, popping your spots and squeezing your blackheads increases the risk of infection and scars, so it’s probably best to leave them alone.


Clear Skin ECI


Switch to a diet rich in anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants can protect you from free radicals (unstable molecules found in things like cigarette smoke, air pollution, alcohol, and fried foods) and keep you looking younger. Anti-oxidants can be found in blueberries, turmeric, avocados, and leafy greens.

Stay hydrated. This is just good advice anyway, but it’s worth reminding you that your body is 70% water and needs to be kept hydrated, plus it helps to flush toxins from the body and shrink your pores.

Get more sleep. Being well-rested helps reduce dark circles, puffy eyes, and a tired complexion, helping your skin look clearer and brighter.


Clear Skin PIS

Regularly wash make-up brushes and sponges. You wouldn’t use a dirty cloth to wash your face, so why would you use a dirty brush to apply your make-up? You’re just putting bacteria back onto your freshly washed face. Wash your brushes with warm water and a small amount of Make Up Brush Cleaner.

Frequently change and wash your pillowcases. As with make-up brushes, it’s not a good idea to use a dirty pillowcase when you’re looking to get clearer skin. If your pillowcases are particularly old or stained, then it might be better to replace them altogether.

Sanitise your phone. We touch our phones a lot during the day, and in fact, you might be reading this on your phone right now. Our hands encounter bacteria and dirt every day, so when we touch our phones and put them to our ears, we’re transferring all that grime to our faces. Make sure you sanitise your phone daily and thoroughly wash your hands throughout the day.

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