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Essential Gardening Tips for October

As we start to go into autumn, the days get shorter and colder and you may realise you're starting to spend less time in your garden. If you're wondering what you can be doing in your garden throughout this important month, we've compiled a few ideas and tips to get you outside this October.


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Keep it Clean

Throughout October it’s a good idea to nip into your garden at the weekend to rake up leaves and any other debris, clean any pathways that may have become slippery and wipe down any garden tables you may still have out. If you have a greenhouse and have harvested all your summertime crops already, now is a great time to give it a good clean, so it's ready for replanting.

Planting and Harvesting

There are still a few vegetables you can be harvesting in October, with the most well-known being pumpkins, traditionally used as Halloween decorations or to make delicious seasonal food. Along with these festive classics, it’s also the last month to harvest any tomatoes, beetroots, or apples you may still have growing in your garden. Whilst planting may not be something that immediately comes to mind for October, there are a couple of things you can plant in your garden to get ready. Now is a great time to plant your early spring flowering bulbs, along with garlic and certain types of onions.

Lawn Maintenance

At some point in October, you can cut your grass for the last time of the year. After doing that, aerating your lawn will prevent waterlogging and allow the nutrients to get to the roots of your grass. This helps you maintain a healty lawn throughout the year.

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Whilst there’s only a slight chill in the air, it’s good to assess your garden structures. Go for a walk around your garden checking your gates, fences, sheds and decking for any signs of weakness. If you spot any, make necessary repairs to ensure they last the winter. If you have any summer patio furniture still out, make sure you store that somewhere secure and dry for the colder months.


With lots of animals preparing for winter, October is a crucial time for wildlife in your garden. Continue to leave out food for birds, higher-calorie choices such as fat cakes are best as they help birds get through the cold nights. Other animals, such as hedgehogs, will be preparing to hibernate by creating a cosy habitat, it's important not to disturb these homes they may be creating in your garden. If you want to encourage wildlife, you can help create habitats by piling up pieces of wood, leaves and even pinecones to appeal to all sorts of animals.


For more tips and inspiration, you can have a read of the articles below or check out our varied and extensive garden collection.

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