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Essential Gardening Tips For December

As one of the coldest and naturally barest months, you might not think that there’s anything to do in your garden during December. Besides, there’s too much to think about, what with Christmas just around the corner, so many people simply forget about tending to their outside space. But if you’re super committed to your garden and don’t mind braving the cold weather, there are some small tasks you can easily complete to make the most of it all year-round.


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- Check your structures and ensure that nothing is damaged. If they are, repair them or remove them. You don’t want something collapsing later in the year. Structures to look over include fences, greenhouses, gazebos, and trellises.

- Prune back any trees and shrubbery that are still sticking around in the cold weather. You should particularly cut back apple and pear trees, in order to shape them for the future year, and birches, and ivy, to stop sap bleeding.

- Harvest any hardy veg you planted earlier in the year. This includes leeks, parsnips, cabbage, and many other types of root vegetables.

- Sow some seeds. Some seeds can be sown as early as December, especially if it's quite a mild winter, and will usually yield their crops for spring. Some seeds you can sow in December include onions, some lettuces, and broad beans.

- Keep an eye out for mice and other rodents. Due to cold weather and lack of natural food, they may become more common near homes. If you don’t want them rummaging around your growing plants or entering your home, check out our pest control section.

As you can see, these small tasks are easy to complete and could be a great way to spend one of those fresh and frosty yet strangely sunny days that come around in the last month of the year. Make sure to look at our top gardening tips for April, May, June, and February, as well as our Gardens Department to pick up any tools and accessories you might need.

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