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Get Your Garden Ready For Winter

You may consider winter a dead, drab month for your garden. Not much grows, there isn’t much wildlife about, and it’s cold and frosty. But, if you want to care for your garden, you’ll need to prepare it for the Winter months. Don’t worry too much! There are only a few small tasks that you can complete over a weekend or two to ensure your outside space is neat, protected, and maintained throughout winter so you can fully appreciate it once it begins to warm up again.


Winter Garden ECI

Tidy Up & Clear Away

Winter is a great time to maintain your garden as it’s the least lively of seasons. To start, rake up any dead leaves and debris from your lawn. Prune back your trees and shrubs to keep them compact for the cold weather and clean up your pathways and patios. Warm soapy water will quickly clear away dried-on dirt from stone or wood, or you could always spray them with a pressure sprayer. You’ll also want to clean out water features and ponds if you have any so that no pipes get clogged, or natural habitats become too murky and stagnant to thrive.

Cover Over & Store

Winter weather isn’t great for patio furniture and outdoor decorations. Cold and rain can cause rust, rotting, and discolouration, and as we’re less likely to use our outdoor space during Winter, you might not notice the damage until it’s too late. To put your mind at ease and protect your outdoor possessions, make sure to cover them all over or store them away. You can find lots of different patio covers in our Outdoor Living section, all specially designed to fit various sizes and shapes of patio furniture, BBQs, and more. To take your storage to the next level, move smaller items into a garden shed or storage container, or utilize a garage for more oversized items. You can also pick up thermal flower bed covers, which will allow your plants an extra layer of protection against the cold and any wildlife that braves the Winter.

Winter Garden PIS

Get Ahead on Planting

Make sure you and your garden are super prepared by taking the time to plant some Spring-flowering bulbs. These are ideal for planting in the Winter, allowing them the long germination period they need to grow beautifully. Some perfect choices to plant now are daffodils, snowdrops, or crocus. To protect your bulbs from frost and allow them to grow properly through the cold months, mix some sharp sand and bone meal in your soil to allow for lots of insolation, water drainage, and slow release of nutrients.

Heat & Light

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your garden! During those days that seem magically sunny and frosty yet fresh, spending a little time outside can help clear our minds, so consider picking up a patio heater that will allow you to appreciate the fresh Winter air for a little longer. Garden lighting can also help add a little brightness to your patio on cloudier days and may help you find a new appreciation for your garden in a time you usually wouldn’t think about it.

To make the most of your outside space all year round, check out our guides on getting your garden ready for Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Once you know what you plan to do, look through our Gardens Department to ensure you have all the tools and accessories you need.


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