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A Guide to Wooden Garden Structures

Whether you’re looking for a practical storage solution, an idyllic escape, or a charming decorative feature, wooden garden structures really help you make the most of your garden while inserting a wonderfully timeless aesthetic. From functional garden sheds, lavish summer houses, and elegant arches, we’re here to help you find which structure will fit your garden best to add that extra wow-factor.

Summer Houses

A summer house is perfect if you have a particularly large garden, especially if you find that you don’t actually use a lot of the space. A beautifully designed wooden hut with large windows to let the sun in, these structures are perfect for using as a calming reading room, an outdoor office to help nature inspire you, or a workshop so you can make as much noise drilling as you want. Summer houses are large and spacious inside, offering room to place furniture and décor, and often feature extra arty touches such as in-built verandas or stylised windows.

Structure ECI


To combine practicality and aesthetics in your outside space, a wooden gazebo is an ideal way of providing a sheltered area so you can enjoy your garden whatever the weather. With open walls, often featuring stylish panelling and rafting, gazebos are made with a full roof that can offer either shade during super-hot days, or a dry space to sit during rainy days. Want something smaller but still covered? Then anarbour is more delicate in design and perfect for smaller gardens. These offer a private corner for you to hide away from the hustle and bustle of life, or to bring a loved one to have some real quality time on a warm day.


Garden Sheds

Probably the most common of garden structures, the garden shed is ideal for storing your tools, bikes, outdoor toys, and any summer-time furniture. Available in all shapes and sizes, a garden shed really is essential for anyone who takes pride in their garden and wants to keep it neat and tidy. Sheds are built to be robust and long-lasting, as well as spacious inside no matter their size. And just because a shed is mostly a practical structure, doesn’t mean it should be an eyesore! Many sheds are made with decorative features such as elegant apex roofs or trendy slats in order to keep your garden looking fantastic.

Structure PIS


Perfect for smaller gardens that don’t have room for a grand structure, or for larger gardens employing lots of fancy decorative features, arches are often tall, slim, and feature lattices for your to grow climbing plants up. Perfect for anyone looking to bring a real rustic beauty to their garden, an arch can be placed over a pathway or at the divide between a patio and lawn, and then covered in flowers to bring a sense of fantastical wonder an d natural loveliness.



Most wooden garden structures are made from timber, an affordable and lightweight wood that is very easy to aquire from sustainable sources. Light in colour, timber is ideal for structures as it allows you to paint and decorate to your own aesthetics. In order to keep timber long-lasting and durable, it is often either pressure treated or dip treated. This will ensure your garden structures are resistant to rot and decay, as well as withstanding changing weather conditions; absolutely essential for something that’s permanently outdoors!

Building your garden structure

Many brands that sell garden structures also usually offer an installation service for an extra yet affordable fee. Forest, for example, provide this service for many of their summerhouses and sheds. For anyone who adores taking on a challenge, however, these structures are also available without this service, so you can take on a summer project and spend the days outside building up something you can be proud of. It is important to note, however, that many structures should be built on level ground, so if you don’t have a patio or extremely flat lawn, you should consider laying paving stones for your shed or summer house before installation.

As you can see, a garden structure does not have to be limited to sprawling mansion lands. Any garden will truly benefit from the charming aesthetic touches brought by even a small arch covered in beautiful blooms or a secret hideaway found in a corner house.

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