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Fallen Autumn Leaves

Get Your Garden Ready For Autumn

Now that the Summer sun is gone and the colder weather is moving in, it’s time to prepare your garden for Autumn. Just because your garden won’t be full of colourful Summer flowers and luscious green vegetation doesn’t mean you can’t create a beautiful space. Here are a few helpful tips on transforming your garden into a cosy autumn paradise.


Lawn Mower in Autumn Garden

Get the Mower Out

As the temperature begins to get colder, the growth of your grass starts to slow down. Mowing your lawn now decreases the likelihood that your area will get waterlogged when the increased rainfall sets in. Preventing a waterlogged lawn is vital because it is harder to maintain and can kill your grass. A tool to help you carry out the job, check out our Flymo Hovervac 250; great for trimming long grass and creating a manicured look.

Clean your Vegetable Garden

After a bountiful Summer of growing fruit and veg, your plants need to be cut back and maintained. Helping to manage the soil and keep your garden organised, pull up all the dead plants and try our incinerator to eliminate the waste. Once all your summer crops have been taken care of, this is the perfect time to plant your winter vegetables. A great time of year to plant Garlic, Onions, Spinach, Broad Beans, Peas and Asparagus; you’ll be eating a fresh winter salad in no time. Check out our selection of seeds to get started.

autumn bulbs in basket

Plant Bulbs

Spring might seem ages away, but this is the perfect time to plant your Spring-flowering bulbs. Great for anyone who likes to plan, planting bulbs now leads to bright, colourful springtime flowers. Extremely easy to do; choose the location you’d like your flower, dig a hole, cover it with soil and wait for Spring. With a vast selection of garden tools to make planting more straightforward, we have everything you’ll need to create the garden you’ve always wanted.

Feed Birds

A tough time of year for our flying friends, natural food sources become much less plentiful. A great way to bring a flurry of colour and life to your garden, provide your birds with feed and shelter by looking through our Wild Bird Care supplies. Whether it is a bird feeder or a bird table to keep out of the rain, the birds are sure to appreciate any help.


Now that you know what to do, look through our Gardens Department to find everything you need to treat your garden right this autumn. We also have some tips on getting your garden ready for Spring and Summer, so keep those in your to-read list for when the seasons change.

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