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Best Living Room Furniture for Small Spaces

With more of us renting more than ever or settling for smaller spaces in general, it can be hard to find furniture to fit in your small space. When it comes to the living room, you'd probably like plenty of seating options, storage, and more without making your area feel cramped or hard to navigate. But don't worry - we've got some great furniture ideas for your small front room.

2 Seater Sofas / Cuddle Chairs


Perfect for those of you living alone or with a friend or partner, a simple two-seater sofa might be all you need when it comes to sitting back in front of the TV. These sofas are suitable for just two, making them more compact than their three-seater sisters - ideal for those with limited space. If you don't mind getting a little cosier, then a cuddle chair might be the right option for you. Smaller than a standard two-seater sofa, these are marginally bigger than an armchair and can seat two people close together.


Armchairs / Stools

Since these are suited to just one person, you can use an armchair or a set of stools for additional seating with your two-seater for when guests come or just for a change of scenery. Alternatively, for a more quirky look, why not try using several armchairs so everyone gets their own space whilst making sure no sizeable, bulky piece of furniture gets placed in your living room? The gaps between chairs and stools can help bring a sense of flow and allow plenty of space between furniture, so you don't feel so hemmed in.


Small Living Room ECI

Clever Storage

Regardless of the size of your room, you're going to need some storage. However, it's vital to store upwards when you don't have much floor space to play with. For example, a ladder shelf makes more wall space use than floorspace. Alternatively, floating shelving is also a great way to free up space around the floor alongside wall-mounted units. You can even consider using an ottoman storage bench. All ottomans offer ample storage, and some can even double up as spare seating, too, making them a great addition to any small room.

Accent Tables

If you don't quite have the space for a coffee table, then an elegantly placed accent, side, or nest of tables might do the trick. Small tables like these are great for placing beside the sofa or chair or can be used in the centre of a small seating area in place of a standard coffee table. Try and choose something with thin legs - the more delicate and petite your furniture is in small rooms, the more light and negative space can be utilised to keep things feeling open and brighter.

Small Living Room PIS


One of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to decorating small spaces is to use mirrors. A well-placed mirror that's suitable for the size of your room can create a more open feel. Pick a round mirror to soften the look of your space or a large rectangular piece to make a statement. For more mirror tips, you can check out our article on How to Decorate Your Home With Mirrors.

Multifunctional Pieces

When a room is small, it's important to maximise what space you do have by buying and using furniture that can be used for multiple purposes. A console table in the living room, for example, could be used as a desk during the day or could even be used as a dining area come the evening. These tables could also be used for smaller TVs instead of larger TV units that seems to swallow both your television and your room. It's also a great idea to pick furniture pieces like tables and TV units with built-in drawers, shelves, or cupboards. This lets you keep your lamp, ornaments, and other essentials and decorative elements on display whilst giving you quick and easy to access storage.


For more inspiration when it comes to decorating and kitting out your home, why not explore our beautiful furniture collection or one of the helpful articles below?

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