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Bright Studio Flat

Furnishing Your Studio Flat

Combining your bedroom, living room, dining room, office space, and kitchen into one multifunctional living space, studio flats can often be a struggle to furnish in a convenient and space-conscious way. With these tips and tricks, your single room will become a perfectly balanced and organized home that you can truly live in.

Somewhere to Sleep

Sleeping space is essential but, when you only have a small space to work with, finding alternatives to a permanent bed frame is a great idea. Sofa beds are perfect for studio flats, folding up to create a comfy seating space for relaxing in front of the TV or entertaining your guests during the day. Available in a variety of modern and discreet designs to suit your style, all you need to do is bundle up your bedding ready for the next night.

If you live to keep your sleeping and seating areas separate, trundle beds are an ideal space-saving alternative. Sturdy and comfy solutions to catching your forty winks, trundle beds fold up when not in use and can be placed out of the way in a cupboard or corner of the room.

Side and Nest Tables

A living room isn't a living room without a convenient surface to place your brew and remote control. Coffee tables take up a large chunk of floor space, while small side tables and nests are just as functional with the added bonus of being easy to move around depending on where you're sat and how many guests you have over.

Dinner Plans

In the spirit of multifunctionality, combining your home office and dining space into one is a great way to save precious space and save you money on an extra piece of furniture. Work at your table or eat at your desk, just make sure you use a coaster and placemat and keep your food and drink away from any important work or electricals.

studio flat shelving bookcase

Alternatively, purchase a compact folding table. Sturdy and functional, folding dining sets are great if you have guests over for dinner or games and can be easily stored away when not in use.

Divide the Room

When placing your furniture and furnishings, try to create zones for each activity. Divide the room into sections using clever dividing techniques - for example, an open-backed bookcase or cube unit positioned sideways to the wall will create a makeshift wall that can be personalised with reading material and trinkets. Placing a rug slightly underneath your sofa or bed will create a feeling of division and help to tie your décor together.


No one likes a room that's cramped and cluttered, so take a few small measures to prevent that claustrophobic feeling. Without the luxury of several rooms to spread your belongings over, lots of storage is a must. Make use of unused areas such as beneath your bed or sofa with storage boxes and bags and hang some shelves high up your walls - this has the added advantage of making your ceilings look taller. Decorate your walls in light and bright colours and hang up a few mirrors to get the light bouncing around.

For more ideas and inspiration on furnishing your home and getting that light, airy feeling, check out our other articles below.

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