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Why Candles Make The Perfect Gift

Picking out a gift for someone can be daunting, you can spend hours deciding what the perfect present would be just to end up purchasing a gift card. Whether you’re buying a gift for a close friend, work colleague or distant cousin, candles are a great choice no matter what the relationship. Here are some of the best reasons why candles should be your go-to present.


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Endless benefits

Candles are known for easing and soothing the mind, helping you to relax after a hard day. The flicker of a candle creates a calming, warm ambience in any room. They effortlessly add a touch style and elegance to your home whilst creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere. Scented candles can be a great choice as they eliminate any unwanted odours and leave your home smelling fresh. The essential oils in scented candles also have therapeutic benefits, they can lift your spirits, boost your energy and sharpen your mind.

Easily attainable

You don’t have to spend hours searching every shop and online retailer to find a candle. No matter what month or season it is, you’ll be able to easily locate a candle in most supermarkets or retail stores like The Range! From large and sweet to small and soothing, you're sure to find the perfect candle in our collection. Excellent as a last-minute gift that still seems well thought out.

Perfect for any occasion

Whether it’s someone’s birthday, an anniversary, Christmas or a wedding, candles can be the perfect gift for every special occasion. If you’re wanting to buy someone a larger quantity of gifts, combine a candle with bath bombs, face mask or a body scrub for a lovely spa themed present. If it’s a housewarming celebration you can combine with a photo frame, house plant or a coffee table book for a home décor based present.

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The price

Candles can vary drastically in price, making them affordable to all. If you’re on a tight budget, you can easily find a candle that looks and smells wonderful that doesn’t cost a fortune. If you’re looking to spend a bit more money, you can purchase a higher-end candle or pair your gift with a candle holder or steel lantern.


Candles are available in all shapes and size, and unlike some other gifts they aren’t gendered. For those that enjoy sweet aromas you can buy a lovely smelling vanilla scented candle, for those that prefer an earthier scent you can purchase a sandalwood candle. If your gift recipient isn’t a fan of overwhelming smells, you can purchase unscented candles or even artificial candles to still provide the relaxing atmosphere.


Candles make wonderful gifts for any occasion, perfect for when you just can't figure out what to buy someone. They create a peaceful environment, add style and are sure to be appreciated. Read more about the benefits of candles in our Make Your Bedroom a Total Sanctuary article.

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