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Summer Home Sunny Window

Get Your Home Ready for the Heat

Daffodils are making way for sunflowers, sightings of sandals and flip-flops are rising, and fresh strawberries are abundant, marking the first signs of Summer. As you sip on your iced coffee by an open window, have a read of the ways you can prepare your home for the heatwaves to come.

Breathable Bedding

Now that the cooler nights of Spring are coming to an end and the temperatures are set to rise, you'll want to swap your warm winter duvet for a thin summer one. On unbearably hot nights, some people choose to kick off the duvet completely and sleep under a flat sheet instead. Using breathable fabrics and weaves like 100% pure cotton and percale will help to regulate your temperature and keep you cool. Read our handy guide to sleeping cool this summer for more ideas on keeping you and your family comfortable.

Light colours

Dark colours absorb heat, making your home unpleasantly warm. Swap out dramatic tones for pure whites, pastels, and light patterns. Not only will they help to keep temperatures down, but they'll also bring a wonderfully fresh summer feel to your home. Bursts of bright and bold colours will add vibrancy to your space for a lively and welcoming atmosphere.

patio hammock outdoor

Wicker and Weaves

Bringing to mind memories of airy conservatories, picnic baskets, and evenings in the garden, wicker is a material close to the heart when it comes to Summer. Used for a variety of items from plant pots to patio furniture and storage baskets to charming décor, wicker instantly infuses any space with a shabby chic summer style.

Open weaves and knotted rope baskets have a light and airy quality that complements minimalistic Scandi or Boho-chic tastes. The natural tones of rope pair perfectly with succulent summer foliage to give your indoor and outdoor spaces a wonderfully rustic and exotic vibe.

Summer Scents

When we think of summer scents, we imagine freshly cut grass, clean laundry drying on the line, and bright flowers in full bloom with sweet fruits ripe for the picking. Choose oil diffusers, automatic sprays and candles that recreate these images, such as fresh linen, lavender, and red berries.


Keeping Cool

Alongside changing up your décor, you may want to invest in some more efficient cool-down accessories for the extra hot days and nights. When throwing the windows open just isn’t enough, electric fans will help fresh air cycle around your home. Ensure your freezer is stocked up on ice-cube trays and consider purchasing a paddling pool for yourself and the kids.


Don't forget to prepare your outdoor spaces for the scorching summer sun as well. Read our list of essential home checks to carry out this summer before the short weeks of good weather are over.

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