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Cooling Fan on Laminate Floor

How to Sleep Cool This Summer

When the heat is on during those long summer nights, sometimes falling asleep is impossible. Read our top tips to maintain a comfortable temperature while you sleep this summer!


- The ideal bedroom temperature is between 16 and 18°C.

- Ventilation always helps you sleep better, but on hot days it’s vital. Open doors and windows to create a thorough draft in your room and in the house. Use a magnetic fly screen to keep out pesky insects.

- Get blackout curtains or blinds for your windows, especially if you have a south or west-facing bedroom. Keeping the sun's rays out during the hottest hours of the day will keep the temperature in your house down so you'll sleep better at night.

Sleep Cool PIS

- If you have an attic with a hatch, open it. The hot air will rise up into the rafters and keep you cool down.

- Sleep au natural! By that, we mean on and in 100% cotton. It's the best material for your bedding and your nightwear as it's cool and breathable.

- Make sure you have a low (4.5) tog duvet for the summer, and if the temperature really soars, get rid of the duvet altogether and replace it with a flat sheet.

- Keep your feet cool as they dictate your body temperature. Have a cool shower before bed and you will sleep easier.

- Invest in a cool mattress. Their smart design allows fresh air to circulate beneath you.

- Purchase a floor or tabletop fan. Don’t have it blowing directly on you, but direct it down the length of the room to get air circulating. If it's really hot, put a bowl of ice water in front of the fan so it blows the cool air around.

- Get a camp bed or rig up a hammock. Being open on all sides means you have 360° circulation around you. You might even go so far as to pitch a tent in the garden.


Make sure to peruse our Bedding Department before the hot summer truly arrives to get prepared for sleeping in the hot weather!

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