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Best Home Security Options

Find yourself concerned over how safe and secure your home really is? Fortunately, there are several ways you can protect your home from any potential unwanted visitors, fires and much more with a wide variety of security solutions.

Protection Against Fires and More

Being prepared in case of a fire is essential for any homeowner, so ensuring you have a smoke alarm (or detector) installed is a no-brainer. Designed to sound and light up when detecting a build-up of smoke, a smoke alarm will make you aware of any potential fires in advance, giving you time to tackle the situation in the safest way possible. One of these ways could be by use of a fire blanket, but remember to use one wisely and refrain from doing so when a fire has escalated beyond the capabilities of the blanket. While we're here, it's important to note that a smoke alarm is not the same as a fire alarm. A fire alarm is triggerered after the smoke detector goes off, sounding an alarm across the entire home.

If the smoke alarm is important, a carbon monoxide alarm is equally so. Carbon monoxide is most definitely something you don’t want to ignore as only a small amount can kill. An alarm will automatically detect even the faintest hint of this deadly stuff, triggering a loud sound that will alert anyone at home.

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No Intruders Allowed

Keeping intruders at bay might sound like a difficult task to some, but with the right kit, you’ll be completely protected. With that said, something any holiday planners out there might find worth the investment is an affordable dusk to dawn sensor timer. Designed to give the impression that you’re home when the property is empty, these sensors automatically switch on a light when night falls for four hours during winter and two in summer.

When you are home, however, consider getting a floodlight sensor. These can be placed outside and will detect motion, switching on a bright LED light in the process to make you aware of any potential unwelcome guests.

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Padlock Security

Securing your doors is always a good idea too, and padlocks do just the trick. Made to be extremely durable, padlocks are perfect for gates and outdoor storage options such as sheds. Some padlocks even come with a combination lock, which contributes greatly towards your overall security.

Survey the Area

Hooking your property up with cameras is a sure-fire way to maintain surveillance over what could possibly be the entirety of your home, both indoors and outdoors, from day to night. Security cameras offer you the means of watching over your home in full HD, with advanced motion detection. If someone were to approach your house, some of these cameras can even send an alert to your phone, meaning you’ll be aware of someone's presence even if you aren’t in.

We hope this has helped you in finding the ideal security solution for your property. Should you want to check out our items in full, feel free to have a browse of our extensive Safety Alarms and Security page.

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