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Smart Home Security

What is Smart Security?

Finding ways to keep your family, home, and belongings safe creates peace of mind and helps you feel more protected in your property. Smart security is a modern day solution to age-old concerns of theft or vandalism, allowing you to check on your home and manage your set-up from your mobile device or PC. Both businesses and homeowners are updating their security systems with these advanced gadgets and accessories to ensure they get the best protection possible. But what smart security devices are available and what are the benefits of smart security? Read on to learn more about your options and find great products for your home.

Smart CCTV Camera Systems

Utilising innovative technology, smart cameras offer the perfect way for you to monitor your property yourself without paying external security companies a monthly fee for the service. Connecting wirelessly to your home network, these surveillance cameras can relay their image to your smart device or PC, allowing you to check-in on your indoor and outdoor spaces from the comfort of your sofa or the other side of the world. Many of these WiFi cameras are packed with cool specs and features such as night vision, motion detection, HD resolution, 2-way audio, zoom/focus, and SD card slots for recording capabilities - meaning, no matter what time of day it is or your distance from home, you're assured by the knowledge that you can view your building from your smartphone or tablet.


Smart Locks

Effortlessly integrated into your smart home security system, smart door locks are an intelligent living accessory that allow for keyless entry into your home or specific rooms. Often complete with RFID cards instead of standard keys, which just require tapping against the sensor, these WiFi door locks are also designed with keypads and fingerprint sensors and can be set to send push notifications to your smart device whenever the door is unlocked. Key codes can be set on some more advanced versions to grant access to people for small periods of time or certain days of the week, making them ideal for both business and home use. Pair these keyless entry systems with WiFi door and window sensors- which sound, vibrate, and send notifications to your mobile device when they're open - to create the ultimate secure space.

Smart locks aren't just for doors though. You can also purchase padlocks with fingerprint and Bluetooth unlocking functions for an extra safe and reliable way to lock up bicycles, suitcases, lockers, and more.


Smart Security Guide

Smart Lighting Solutions

Deter intruders when you go on holiday or take a weekend away by installing smart home lighting. Connecting wirelessly to your smartphone through a downloadable app, you can customize and manage your settings from your mobile to turn your lights on from anywhere in the world with a WiFi connection. Group lights together to control whole rooms or switch individual lamps on and set timers for them to come on as soon as night falls. Smart lights can also be installed to the outside of your property so you can illuminate paths or entranceways, creating more visibility and reducing your chances of becoming a target.

Smart Doorbells

Check who's knocking at your front door, even when you're not home, with a smart and wireless video doorbell. With in-built HD cameras and real-time two-way audio systems, these modern entranceway accessories allow you to see and communicate with visitors through your smartphone. Never miss a delivery again by communicating with the courier from work or elsewhere and dismiss pesky cold callers without opening the door. Some more advanced designs feature infrared night vision for clear round-the-clock surveillance and motion sensors with push notifications sent to your mobile when people or animals are detected.

Check out our extensive collection of Smart Home Accessories to update your everyday living.

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