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Make Home Secure Locks Door

Making Your Home Secure

A burglar alarm is just one way of protecting your home and keeping it secure. However, on it’s own, a burglar alarm isn’t enough to deter many thieves. Taking some extra precautionary steps to keep your home safe will give you peace of mind, as well as deterring opportunistic thieves.

Outdoor Visibility

The best way to keep your home safe is to deter burglars before they even try to get into your house.

  • The biggest enemy to a burglar is light. Light = detection, so do your best to make sure anyone approaching your house will be visible. Motion activated lighting is ideal for this, although standard wall and door lights will work as well. Keep the lights as high as you can to avoid them being deliberately damaged.

  • Tall fences and hedging may be tempting to maintain privacy, but these provide cover for burglars. Trim back trees and bushes around your doors and windows, and avoid high brick or panel wood fencing.

  • If you can, gravel the approach to your house. This makes for a noisy walk which doesn’t help any burglar who wants to sneak around.

Doors & Windows

As the only entrances into the house, your doors and windows are key in preventing a break in.

  • Make sure your doors are fitted with deadbolts. These are often pick-resistant and provide the best security for your house. Also ensure your windows have key locks which bolt your windows shut.

  • Make sure your patio or french doors have three locking points, as well as an anti-lift device - these are a popular way of entry for thieves.

  • Where you can, replace panes of glass with laminated glass. This doesn’t shatter, taking much more effort and time to break - an essential deterrent.

making your home secure

Leaving the House


  • Invest in timers or smart app-controlled fittings or sockets for your downstairs lights, which will throw off any burglars who may be watching your house. Alternatively, get a neighbour or friend to close the curtains and turn on the lights during the evening.


  • Don’t leave valuables or expensive technology items near windows or access points. and ensure all external storage, such as sheds, are securely locked with a durable hasp & staple kit.


  • If you have a glass panel in the door, get a neighbour or the post office to collect your post. Piles of unopened letters by the front door tells thieves your home is empty.



Keep an eye on your property with smart security solutions such as app-controlled cameras, allowing you to view the surroundings and inside of your home through your mobile phone anywhere with Wi-Fi connection. Let potential thieves know that you're watching them by installing a video door intercom that allows you to see who's knocking when you're out of the house and communicate with them through your smartphone.

Browse our selection of Safety & Security Solutions and durable padlocks to ensure your home is fully protected.

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