6 Tips for Organising your Toolbox
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6 tips for organising toolbox ban.

6 Tips for Organising your Toolbox

Organised tools equal an organised mind, making jobs easier by saving you the hassle of rummaging through the contents of your toolbox. It’s easy for a toolbox to get in a mess, so we recommend having a clear out every few months (depending how often you use it).  


organising your toolbox tools

1. Empty your toolbox onto a sheet and give the inside a wipe, getting rid of dust and loose screws, nuts and bolts etc.

2. Pile any loose items into a pile and sort your way through your tools, throwing away anything broken and putting to the side any duplicates you won’t use.

3. Begin to repack the box by putting the largest items in first. It’s always a good idea to keep like with like, so keep all your screwdrivers, wrenches, spanners etc in the same place.

4. If your toolbox doesn’t come with one already, you want to invest in a compartment shelf, allowing you to keep odds and ends in separated areas - a life saver when all you’re looking for is one elusive screw in the depths of your box!

5. Place hacksaws and sharp tools on the top, so these can be easily seen and removed before digging around in the toolbox.

6. If you have side pockets, use these to keep pencils, pens and scissors - they are never around when you need them and keeping them in one place will save you time!


Make sure you've got everything you need to fill your toolbox by taking a look through our pages for hand tools and power tools, as well as our suggestions on what every beginner needs.

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