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Angle Grinder User Guide Tools

Ways to Use an Angle Grinder

Angle grinders are versatile tools that are mainly used for cutting and grinding down various materials. They’re not very difficult to use, but can look and sound intimidating with a very loud and fast spinning disc. As with all power tools, an angle grinder has the potential to be very dangerous if not used correctly. Always wear eye protection to protect your eyes from debris, and ensure you’re using the correct disc piece for the job.

Cut Metal

Much quicker than ploughing away with a hacksaw, angle grinders are the perfect tool for cutting through rusted bolts, rebar and fencing. It gives a rougher finish than more manual methods, but is much more time efficient.

Clean Metal

By using a wire brush attachment, you can quickly remove rust, paint and hardened cement from your tools. This is an easy way to get garden tools back in shape, just make sure they are clamped in a vice before you clean them.


Angel Grinder PIS

Cut Tiles & Concrete

Using a diamond wheel, an angle grinder is an essential for cleanly cutting tiles and stone when laying floors. It allows you to precisely shape the tile or stone around obstructions such as pipes and sinks.


Sharpen Tools

Keep your tool blades sharp by using an angle grinder to quickly file down the edges. This is particularly great for hand tools like axes and shovels.


For Your Safety

  • Unplug the grinder when changing discs, make sure you always use both hands and always wear gloves.

  • Ensure you work so debris goes downwards.

  • Make sure everyone nearby is also wearing safety gear.

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