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Drill 2

How to Safely use a Drill

Drills are the modern answer to the screwdriver for almost all household jobs. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and despite being easy to use, they can be intimidating for those not used to handling them. Here’s our simple guide to using a drill. 

- First, select the correct drill bit for the hole you’ll be drilling. The easiest way to do this is by finding a bit which is the same width as the middle of the screw you’ll be using. When you hold the screw next to the bit, you should only be able to see the threading of the screw.

- Fit the bit to the chuck of the drill, and tighten.

- With gentle taps of a hammer, use the screw to tap a small dent where the screw will go. This will keep it in place when you first begin drilling, preventing the screw from moving around on the surface.

- Drills can screw both backwards and forwards. You can usually find this setting near the trigger. Make sure the drill is set to forwards. Use backwards if you are taking a screw out of something.

- Holding the drill firmly in both hands, slowly press the trigger and push onto the screw head, pushing it down as well as maintaining pressure on the trigger. When the screw head has just embedded in the surface, release the trigger.

- Be careful with power tools. Precautions are necessary to ensure you don’t hurt yourself or damage anything around you.

guide to using a drill


! Make sure the drill bit is securely fastened.

! Remove any jewellery or clothing that dangles down.

! Wear eye protection to prevent splinters from getting in your eye.

! If your drill has a cord, sling this over your shoulder to keep it out of the way.

! Use the drill slowly, this reduces the chance of injury and helps you be more precise.

! If unsure, always go for a smaller drill bit. You can make a hole bigger but you can’t make one smaller.

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This article was written by - Leanne Marks - Click here to view all her other articles

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