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The TV Stand Vs. The Wall Mount

If you’re a fan of putting your feet up in the evening and watching television, then the placement of your TV will be a big decision for you. We have a wide selection of TV units and stands at The Range, but which is best for your box set binging?


tv eci

TV Mount


If you have a smaller room or more oversized furniture, the TV mount is an ideal way to save floor space. Hanging your TV on the wall also means that you can choose the height at which you have it, making it an excellent customisable option. Also, with a Multi-Position TV Mount, you can change the angle depending on where or how you want to sit. This impressive set-up also gives your room a sleek and contemporary feel, upgrading your room.



The downside of using a wall-mounted TV stand is that while the position is customisable, where the TV is situated is less so. Once you have hung your TV on the wall, it is more difficult to move it if you decide to change your room. This also means it is less ideal for people renting their homes and, therefore, might not be allowed to drill into the walls. In addition, the TV mount takes more time and effort to install than the regular TV Stand.


tv wrap

TV Stand


The classic TV stand is a popular option because it is much easier to move around the room and provides additional storage for spare wires, consoles, or DVDs. The bulkier unit is also suitable for disguising wires and plugs behind it. The TV Unit can be a central feature in the room with various designs and provide comfortable access to sockets.



The disadvantage of having a traditional TV stand is that it does take up more floor space, which isn’t ideal for small rooms or rooms with lots of furniture. It also doesn’t have the height customisation available as with the wall mount. Another drawback is that TV stands tend to be relatively low, leaving your television within reach of pets and little ones, where it could get more easily damaged.



There are many pros and cons when deciding between a TV Stand or a TV Mount, but ultimately it depends on what space you have, how you’d like to use it, and how much you like to move your furniture around. You can browse our large selection of TV Stands and Mounts and decide which best suits your home.  

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