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Five Ideas for Small Dining Rooms

Knowing how to style your dining room when space is minimal can be difficult. You want it to be practical and full of the essentials as it's a high-traffic area, but you also don't want it to feel cluttered and claustrophobic. Knowing how to balance these wants can be difficult, but we've got five ideas to help you get started with your dining room upgrade.

1. Use Rounded Dining Tables

Round dining tables help you save space by physically cutting corners in your small dining room. Not only are they excellent at freeing up space, but they're also brilliant at softening a room, thanks to their gentle curves. They're also a more sociable option than rectangular tables when dining as a family or hosting a dinner party. Everyone can join in on the conversation without feeling on the edge of the group. If even a round table might feel like too much for your space, consider a tall, slim Dining Console Table. These tables are ideal for smaller households - they bring your dining experience out of the floor and fit neatly against walls.

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2. Swap Cabinets for Open Shelving

Swapping traditional cabinets for open shelving can stop your space from feeling too bulky. Cabinets tend to overpower small spaces, so switching them to floating shelving or an open cabinet can instantly lighten the room and free up some space. You might think a few centimetres won't make much of a difference. Still, you'll be surprised by how much more spacious your dining room will feel when you've got your essentials and ornaments on display on shelves or in an open shelving unit rather than shut away in cupboards.

3. Use Mirrors in your Decor

Mirrors famously help to make any space feel bigger. The reflection from your mirror bounces light around the room, giving it a more prominent appearance. You can utilise this little bit of science by hanging a large mirror in your dining room, especially on the wall opposite your window. That way, you can see more of the outside and create a lavish, sophisticated feel you might find in posh restaurants. Of course, if you're not after the fine-dining look, a few smaller decorative mirrors dotted around your walls will give your space a more relaxed, modern feel.

small dining spaces PIS

4. Draw the Eye Up

You can use your dining room decor to encourage the eye upwards to create the illusion of more space and taller ceilings. Try adding wall art along the higher point of your wall in diagonal lines, or even paint a mural around the top half of the walls. You can replace your current light with a pendant or chandelier for extra drama and to create an elegant focal point. Not only will these lighting options draw the gaze towards the ceiling, but they'll also help to save floorspace since you won't need lamps.

5. Use Open Back Chairs

Since the easiest way to create a larger sense of space is to have as much light flowing through it as possible, open-back chairs are the ideal finishing touch to your dining room. They're often much lighter and less bulky than standard dining chairs, giving you a modern look unobstructed by heavy lines and materials that could make your space feel weighed down.


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