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Create a Traditional Kitchen-Diner

A kitchen-diner is a multifunctional space where the whole family can gather for different activities – from cooking and working, to relaxing and entertaining guests. Combining elements of rustic farmhouse and colonial New England style, the traditional aesthetic works beautifully with this type of room, blending functionality and convenience with attractive design.

Colour Scheme

A traditional kitchen often has a base material of wood, with some natural surfaces and some surfaces painted in classic shades of grey, green, or neutral brown. Metal elements, such as shades and décor, can bring a rustic or urban touch to the room to help bring out your unique style.

Traditional Kitchen Diner

Seating & Surfaces

Visually divide the space with a kitchen island or breakfast bar and place bar stools on one side, creating a choice of where to sit or dine. Not only does this create a central zone where people can chat and cook at the same time, but it frees up the workspace that your dining table offers for members of the family that need to do homework or office work but still want to feel included in the hubbub of family life.

If your kitchen-diner is slighting tight on space, then an extending dining table is a great solution that still allows you to have two separate seating areas. A rustic and sturdy wooden dining table will keep in key with your traditional look, while wooden dining chairs can be bought as a set or mixed and matched for that touch of country character. Classic spindle-backed chairs and long benches can be paired to create an attracting farmhouse vibe.

kitchen diner long table


Free up space in your kitchen cupboards for the things that matter (food) by transferring crockery and dinnerware to cabinets in the dining section of your open-plan room. In true traditional style, search for display cabinets with glass front panels to show off your beautiful plates and glassware.

Sideboards offer precious storage for table linen, placemats, Christmas tableware, and other items that get packed away after your meal so the table can transform back into a work space. They also provide an additional surface for décor and table lamps.


A change in lighting is another way to help zone the areas of your kitchen-diner. Drop-down lights hanging over areas that can't be walked under, such as the dining table or breakfast bar, will help add extra style to your room and aesthetic while directing light where it's needed.

Metal downlighters are a common choice for accenting your traditional theme, offering a rustic, industrial, or modern touch depending on design and finish.


Complement with flush ceiling fittings in your busy kitchen area and a stylish table lamp to offer an alternate, cosier, lighting option.

For more inspiration and ideas on how to style the heart of your home, browse our full collection of dining room furniture.

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