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Pile of thick winter blankets

How to Store Your Winter Warmers

The sun has slowly crept out from its Winter slumber and the days have grown longer and warmer, making those thick extra layers less essential. As the temperature rises, we start to think about swapping out the cosy faux furs and chunky knit textiles for cool cotton fabrics and replace the dark and cosy colour palettes with fresh, light tones to match the bright and cheerful Spring vibe. Ensuring that you pack these bulky home furnishings away properly is necessary if you want them to be fresh and ready to use when you get them out again at the end of Summer.


Before you bring out the blanket boxes and bags, you’ll need to give all of your winter bedding and comforters a thorough clean in the washing machine or take them to be dry cleaned. Stains are much harder to remove the longer they’ve been left and the fabric may not be so willing to let them go after sitting in storage for six months. Ensuring they’re freshly cleaned before packing them away will help to extend their life and means, if stored correctly, they’ll be ready to use when the cold weather swings back around.

Bedding in washing machine


Once clean, it’s vital that you properly dry your winter warmers. Any residual moisture or dampness could lead to mould growth while they’re in storage, ruining them and possibly other items that they’re stored with. If you can tumble dry your items then this will get rid of most of the moisture and airing them will ensure any remaining moisture is evaporated. If you don’t have access to a tumble drier or your furnishings can’t be dried this way, hang them up in the garden or next to an open window and let the fresh breeze work its magic.



Now that your home furnishings and thick winter clothes are clean and dry, it’s time to pack them away and make space for all your fresh floral prints and light, floaty fabrics. There’s lots of choices when it comes to storage receptacles and where to put them, but it ultimately comes down to the space you have in your home and whether you value functionality over style.

Underbed Storage of blankets

If you have a large, dry, and out of the way area that can be used, such as a loft or spare bedroom, big plastic boxes are a great idea. They can fit lots of heavy throws, cushions, bedding, or clothes in and can be stacked for extra tidiness. Transparent ones also make it easy to find the belongings you’re looking for once they’re all packed up. If you have a utility room or larger airing cupboard, consider using a shelving using where you can organise and neatly pile your blankets, bedding, throws, and other snuggly accessories.

For storage space that’s also functional and stylish, ottomans and trunks are the go-to. Doubling as seating for guests or a footrest for tired feet, these living room and bedroom units can store plenty of thick furnishings while adding to the aesthetic of your home.

If your home is a little tight on storage space, vacuum bags are your savour! Not only will they shrink your thick and bulky fabrics to minimise the area they take up, but they’ll also protect them from dust, mites, and other nasties while they’re in store over the warmer seasons. These can be stored anywhere around your home from attics and cupboards to under your bed or in closets and wardrobes.

To keep your items extra fresh and protected while they’re hibernating, chuck a few moisture traps or drawer liners in with them.

Check out of full collection of storage units, boxes, bags, and crates to help your home style transition with the seasons.


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