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A Guide to Styling your Bedding

A well-made bed can instantly transform the look and feel of your bedroom. The stylish, designer look is easier to achieve than you might think, and with a few tricks, your bed will be looking like it belongs in the pages of an interiors magazine.

Soft, plump cushions scattered around your pillows are a surefire way to get your bed looking sumptuous and inviting. It’s more about the type of cushions that you buy, rather than the quantity. A variety of sizes creates desirable depth, while different textures add interest to the scene. We recommend two large cushions to prop up on your pillows and two or three smaller cushions to place in front of these, pointing down in a diamond shape.

Finish with a single accent cushion at the front, which can be embellished or different to the others in some way. Symmetry is key to keeping the look professional, so stand at the bottom of the bed to make sure the cushions line up correctly. It’s also a nice idea to refresh your cushion inners when they begin to flatten out, as fresh plump cushions give an entirely different look to those worn with use through the years. For more inspiration, read our scatter cushion styling tips.


styling your bedding bedroom

Blankets and throws folded across the bottom of the bed add another dimension to your bedding and can really finish off your look. Fold the throw down so it sits on the bottom third of the bed. This creates a layered perspective, showing off your duvet whilst still giving your cushions space.

If you don’t have a throw, you can roll your duvet down to sit just underneath the pillows. Displaying the underside of the duvet like this works really well if it’s patterned on both sides in a reversible design. The great thing with blankets and throws is their versatility - try draping them over one corner of the bed for a fresh and stylish look. Runners and bedspreads will also give you this look, specifically designed to add a decorative touch.

When it comes to choosing your throws and cushions, don’t be afraid to mix patterns - you don’t have to limit yourself to plain designs and a single print. In fact, mixing patterns can add interest and a unique touch to your bed. As a general rule, try and keep the colours and the theme the same (geometric, rustic, minimalist etc) but experiment with the different ways you can display these.



Perhaps the biggest rule when it comes to layering your bedding is to not be afraid to experiment! Find colour schemes and patterns that you love, and play around. Fun and unique styles will always look better than plain and predictable. To find your perfect style, browse our wide selection of bedding and accessories.

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