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The Most Effective Study Methods

Do you find you’re too exhausted or entirely unmotivated to study? We all know how crucial independent study time is – it’s strongly expected of you to commit to your work outside of classes. As much as some of us might wish for it, it’s not like we can slack off at home and later be blessed with outstanding results. With that in mind, it’s recommended you find the strategy that works for you to effectively study while maintaining motivation and energy.

Taking Notes

After a long day of classes, it can be hard to remember everything that was taught, making note-taking essential. A handy notebook can serve as a reminder of lessons during study time, saving you the trouble of asking for a recap. Once you’ve written down everything you can, consider highlighting what you think will be most important come test day, and if you like, place sticky notes down so they protrude from your closed notebook to save time when hunting for information.

Sticky notes can also be great for use at home. Whether you want to remind yourself on facts, or you’re boosting your motivation with a quote or two, displaying sticky notes around your home has been known to work wonders for many.

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When you start to prepare for an upcoming test, flash cards can be your best friend. Have a think about what kinds of questions might appear on test day and spend some time self-quizzing when you catch a spare minute between study sessions. Just make sure not to ignore questions you find easier than others, because you never know when you might slip up.

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Schedules for Study Time

As we’ve already mentioned, attending classes throughout the week is only a portion of the effort expected of you as a student. A weekly planner or desk calendar, then, can serve as an effective means of keeping track of your study time. Set aside a number of hours per day to hit the books, ensuring you never feel like you’re falling behind while also getting the rest you need.


Your Study Environment

Time management accessories are but one of many tools you’ll require for effective study, however. Eliminate wasted time by having your study space pre-organised. A desk organiser is a wonderful way to begin achieving this due to its storage options being ideal for stationery items such as pens and pencils. It’s likely you’ll build a collection of papers for reference too. Having everything at arms-length, such as a scientific calculator for those complicated equations, or a folder for homework tasks, shows how important organisation can be for successful studying.


Despite not being to everyone’s tastes, listening to soothing, instrumental music can have a significant benefit on concentration levels. Once settled into your study space, a good pair of headphones is arguebly the final step in making your study time the best it can be. Once you switch on some music, background noise is drowned out, preventing distractions while putting you in a relaxed state.

With so many strategies to study effectively, you’re sure to find what works best for you. To prepare yourself, explore our vast Stationery Department – you may just find alternatives to what’s been mentioned!


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