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Creating Reward Chart

How To Make Your Own Rewards Chart

Perfect for use at home, creating your own DIY Rewards Chart for your little one needn't be complicated! With plenty of colourful, fun, and entertaining craft essentials available to lend a helping hand, here at The Range we've got everything you and your youngster need to piece-together a personalised behavioural chart with ease.


Reward Chart Golden Stars

Craft Essentials:

With each family and household having different tasks to complete, creating a DIY rewards chart for your youngster is a fun and enaging way to help them decide and focus on their goals for the week. Whether it's a way to help monitor their homework completion, their chores around the house, whether they're getting into bed on time, or simply as a method of helping them to achieve more personal goals, a vibrant and interactive chart is a great method of stimulating their behaviour. Your little one's chart needn't be overcrowded or unnecessarily complicated. Keep it simple. Make sure to include their Name, the Goals, and perhaps the Days of the Week.

Paper packs such as the Pack of 75 Papermania Colossal Cardstock or the Pack of 25 A4 Pastel Card are perfect for use when creating a base for your chart. Their vibrant colours are guaranteed to encourage engagement and will no doubt get noticed when attached to any household noticeboard or fridge. Stickers and stamps are great for tracking progress. Self-adhesive sticker sheets such as the Craft Planet Fun Metallic Star Burst Stickers are perfect for accompanying any chart and make perfect placemarkers for achievement. Simply encourage your youngster to stick down a sticker each time they complete a task - once they've collected a certain amount throughout the week, then be sure to reward them with something they truly enjoy. (Remember -  rewards aim to reinforce good behaviour, but bribes don't!)

Looking for a way to add extra detail or to help track tasks around the house? Why not make use of sticky notes such as the Neon Shaped Sticky Memo Notes. Designed to help parents scribble down tasks as they remember then, post-it notes are great for helping ensure no chore goes unmissed.

rewards chart girl & parent

Top Tips:

Reward Charts are known to work well for children aged between 3 and 8 years, and are great for rewarding your child for practising new skills and addressing behavioural changes. Here are our Top Tips when it comes to setting up and maintaining a rewards chart at home:

  • Stick to Short-Term Rewards - Items such as family outings, small toys, and other inexpensive or engaging rewards have been proven to be much more effective than just sticking to stickers and tokens. Be sure to switch things up to help keep your little one on track!
  • Measure Their Behaviour - Make sure you measure their behaviour both before and whilst they're using the chart. This'll help you, as a parent, monitor their progress and establish whether or not a chart-system is beneficial in your household.
  • Positivity Is Key! - Encouragement is the most important aspect of any reward chart. Try to steer clear of removing or back-tracking on rewards.
  • Keep Your Little One Involved - Designed to not only encourage enagagment, the act of keeping your little one actively involved in the creation or the development of their chart will no doubt help inspire their behaviour. Allow them to suggest areas that they could help out with around the house - you may find yourself surprised by their suggestions!

Looking to inspire your youngsters creativity whilst rewarding their behaviour? Why not swap out the paper packs for a chalkboard or whiteboard such as the Magnetic Memo White Board. These are great for scribbling and doodling on, as well as for sticking magnets to!

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